Executive Roundtables

Access industry leaders and timely, mission-critical content.

Today’s workplace is rapidly evolving, with technology leading the charge.  To stay competitive and ahead of the curve you need to be on top of trends, best-practices and procedures as they happen.  The OC Tech Alliance Professional Development Roundtable Series allows you to do just that. By attending and participating in our exclusive programs, you will have access to some of the best and brightest leaders in the industry.  Each roundtable is held in an intimate, business-friendly setting and is devoted to a specific area within your organization.  Whether you’re in HR, Sales/Marketing, Legal, Finance, Operations, or even International Compliance you will be “in the know” as to what’s happening in the marketplace and how to best position your company for optimum results.

In addition, as an OC Tech Alliance member you have the opportunity of sitting on the steering committee of these groups, increasing your reach and visibility in the community even further!

CEO Roundtable

The purpose of the OC Tech Alliance CEO Roundtable is to provide an exclusive forum for technology CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners who are OC Tech Alliance members to discuss ideas, shared issues, common concerns and best practices with their peers in a comfortable, non-biased, non-competitive environment.  This enables participants to gain invaluable perspective and important market insight that would otherwise be difficult to obtain from within their respective organizations.   As a secondary benefit, Roundtable participants forge new, lasting relationships with fellow business leaders in the community, often leading to innovative partnerships, collaboration and business opportunities outside of OC Tech Alliance.

Legal Roundtable

The purpose of the OC Tech Alliance Legal Roundtable is to provide invaluable insight through a forum for discussion of legal issues important to our membership.  Designed to benefit both large and small member companies, the legal roundtable will also alert firms to unforeseen issues that might not have been considered, but can have a significant impact on their business.  The committee has meetings and provides speakers on a quarterly basis.   In-house counsel and/or other executives responsible for legal issues for companies that do not have in-house counsel are invited to attend. *** CLE credit will be provided to lawyers for attendance.***

HR Roundtable

Through education and networking, the OC Tech Alliance HR Roundtable helps human resource professionals develop and implement the best practices for personnel administration and stay informed of the latest legal and industry trends, with a view to maintaining competitive excellence in their workforce.

Sales & Marketing Roundtable

The OC Tech Alliance Sales & Marketing Roundtable is a community of marketing and sales professionals who meet to exchange ideas, share best practices, learn new techniques and tactics, and network.  OC Tech Alliance members are provided the opportunity to attend panel, single speaker, joint speaker, or case study events that are interactive and informative around various strategic and tactical sales and marketing initiatives.  The meetings are typically led by a subject-matter or industry experts, published authors, consultant or company practitioner with a proven track record and extensive experience.

Political Advisory Roundtable (P.A.R.)

The OC Tech Alliance Political Advisory Roundtable (PAR) Committee’s purpose is to fostering a policy and regulatory environment supporting growth in the technology sector.  PAR’s mission is to give Orange County members grassroots access to their OC-based legislators and representatives, facilitating a proactive role and voice in helping drive the issues directly impacting their bottom line

Operations & Logistics Roundtable

The Logistics Roundtable facilitates programs and information regarding different needs within the supply chain and support members that rely on their supply chain to move goods throughout the life cycle of production and post sales.   Attendees will have an opportunity to exchange ideas regarding current challenges within a global supply chain and explore different areas to make their supply chain more nimble.   Attendees will also have an opportunity to network with others in similar roles and interact with speakers.

Global Business Practices Roundtable

The Global Business Practices Roundtable facilitates programs, discussions and networking opportunities for tech professionals with global business responsibilities.  Program attendees will benefit from informative events that involve the global community.  These events allow for the presentation and exchange of ideas and mission critical information, as well as the sharing of best practices to assist companies to excel while competing on a global platform.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and tactics, while networking with other professionals with global  responsibilities.

Finance Roundtable

The OC Tech Alliance Finance Roundtable provides finance executives a forum for discussion of common strategic financial and technical issues.  The Finance Roundtable’s mission is to share experiences and knowledge to enable members to develop informed positions affecting policy, methods and cost optimization.