Read What the 2015 Finalists Say About Being Nominated in the High-Tech Innovation Awards 

“When it comes to the best technology ideas and products coming out of Southern California, the High-Tech Innovation Awards is where you’ll find them.”  John Reese, VP Marketing, Mavenlink

iPourIt’s participation in the High-Tech Innovation Awards was a wonderful experience for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it exposed iPourIt to a broad range of technologists who are involved in driving innovation and investment in Orange County.  Orange County’s ability to attract and foster companies is highly dependent on building a community that can serve as the foundation for a broad range of disciplines.  Doing the work is not enough – innovation in a vacuum, without the ability to learn from others and, hopefully, be a resource for others is also necessary.  iPourIt certainly benefited from the experience of participants as well as sponsors and we would be proud to be a resource in the future.  In addition, the process helps refine your message in a non-commercial format to highlight current achievements and future plans, which fosters focus internally. – Joseph G. McCarthy, Co-founder, iPourIt, inc.

“The OC Tech Alliance High-Technology Innovation Award process will have a lasting positive affect on IXI Technology. The Board of Directors and the entire company was inspired by the well-deserved recognition of the advanced technology developed by our Engineering Department. The achievement raised the bar for everyone involved in the process of technology development and recognized we are not limited in our aspirations of excellence. – Michael Carter, Chief Executive Officer, IXI Technology

“The OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards showcase the best of the best and places every company amongst the most innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the industry.  Having a nomination or award from the OC Tech Alliance is a huge honor and helps us be better year upon year.  This recognition is very important for our customers and staff and helps grow our footprint in the technology industry.”  – Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA 

“Although we’ve been a collaborative integrator designing test solutions in Irvine for 55 years, we’ve remained a well-kept secret, even in Orange County. Exposure through the OC Tech Alliance has generated new opportunities to work with UCI and business leaders throughout the region. Our involvement with the OC Tech Alliance has been a key factor in our success. We look forward staying connected with the technical community through this valuable organization.” – Jim Mulato, President, Astronics Test Systems

“The OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards celebrate the best Orange County has to offer. In a landscape where diverse, game-changing solutions are the norm, it’s particularly rewarding to get credit where it is due. From initial nomination to the gala awards ceremony itself, the OC Tech Alliance runs a process that seamlessly captures the unique aspects of new technology, and gives nominees and finalists a forum to be recognized and an opportunity to celebrate with other innovators.” Anthony Macciola, Senior Vice President of Advanced Research, Lexmark International, Inc.

“Microsemi has benefitted from our participation in the OC Tech Innovation Awards for several years now, as it helps us enhance our brand recognition locally here in Orange County while validating our position as an innovative technology company offering industry-leading solutions. Our team enjoys collaborating on our award nominations each year, as the easy and fun process generates internal enthusiasm for our company and product offerings, as well as much-appreciated recognition from our highly respected peers and partners.” – James J. Peterson, chairman and CEO of Microsemi

The exposure and networking benefits of participating in and attending events like the High-Tech Innovation Awards dinner are valuable opportunities in forming new relationships and sustaining existing partnerships are expected. What was unexpected for us at Technossus was the energy and spirit that was infused within our team all thru the process and during events leading up to the final award ceremony. The recognition of being named a finalist and ultimately an award recipient provided opportunities for our marketing team to promote our brand. Technossus looks forward to supporting OC Tech and Orange County in growing the community. – Ravnish Bhalla,CEO,Technossus

D-Link has been a member of the Orange County community for 30 years. It’s always very humbling to be recognized by the OC Tech Alliance for our innovation in the technology industry. D-Link values our local partnerships, and the High Tech Innovation Awards have helped foster our growth in the community – opening new doors for D-Link through partnerships and collaboration with local innovation leaders.      – Albert Ling, executive vice president, D-Link Systems, Inc.

ClariPhy has recently won the Outstanding Semiconductor Award for its LightSpeed-II™ CL20010 200 gigabit per second (200G) SoC solution given by the OC Tech Alliance’s 2015 High Tech Innovation Awards. This honor has helped position the company among Orange County industry leaders, recognizing ClariPhy for its hard work and dedication to its leadership in the semiconductor industry.  “ClariPhy is transforming the speed and accessibility of which we connect to the Internet and how we come to depend on the growing cloud-based world, said Nariman Yousefi, CEO of ClariPhy. “Our unique ability to engineer complex 200G and beyond coherent optical transport solutions, truly sets us apart from all other semiconductor companies. We are very honored to be recognized by the Orange County technology community.”  This award helps ClariPhy attract new talent and build awareness in the community.

Through its partnership with Project Tomorrow, the OC Tech Alliance extends the celebration of technology and innovation to Orange County’s K-12 education community by recognizing outstanding schools, teachers and high school students for their focus on Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education initiatives. This effort seeks to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators who will continue to make OC an innovation leader regionally, nationally and globally. The OC High Tech Innovation awards, in its 23rd year, has recognized more than 450  innovators, executives and companies. The OC Tech Alliance has dramatically expanded the awards categories to make this year’s event more relevant to the changing face of technology and celebrate new products and new companies that make up Orange County’s growing technology landscape



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