OC Tech Alliance is a collection of Professional Programmers, Business Analysts, and Veteran Marketers. Our journey starts at University of California, Irvine in 2009 where a group of dancers quickly became friends.

Throughout UCI they would keep their friendship strong while balancing studies, internships, and dancing. After graduating they worked in different fields and realized there was no good website that discussed the use of professional tools.

Sure, there are tutorial websites such as Lynda.com, but this group of friends wanted to use their expertise from their jobs so that others can learn from their experience.

The name “OC Tech Alliance” came because they came together in Orange County (or OC). Although not all of the workers are “technical” or developers, they are all using their technical skills to talk about technical products.

About The Team

Dusan Stanar

Owner & Editorial Manager

After 20 years of a successful managerial career as an entrepreneur in the education niche, Dusan joined the welcoming OTA team to take up the role of the Editorial Manager.

Majoring in English Language and Literature, Dusan also acquired strong interpersonal, managerial and editorial skills over the years as a passionate and dedicated learner and an encouraging team leader.

His contribution to OTA operations reflects in the smooth and productive workflow, warm team spirit and constant improvement of the OTA content quality. 

Having outstanding verbal and written communication skills, Dusan manages the workflow of OTA to maintain integrity and quality while making sure the content schedule is met. He does this by keeping the team well-organized, motivated and passionate about their work.

Creative and confident, Dusan decides on the publishing content which best meets the needs of the OTA’s audience. A tech geek himself, he puts great value on technology as the only reliable means to do business, keep up to date with the modern pace of life and still have loads of fun along the way.

When he’s not working, Dusan spends time with his wife and kids, binge-watches movies and TV shows and listens to music while going on long, brisk walks.

Colin headshot



Ma is an avid technologist who lives computers and software. 

From the time he was 6 years old and got his first game boy color to play Pokemon Silver, he was an avid gamer. He played a TON of games with my brother and friends. While he never wanted to become a game developer this sparked my interest in the programming world as he would tinker on his computer to make games work better, faster, or to use cheat codes.

The interest followed me when he attended University of California, Irvine (UCI) as a transfer student from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) when he decided o major in Computer Science. 

Fast forward a few years, 2 internships, and 1 degree later, and he started full time as  a Technology Consultant. In this role he helped enterprise companies (including some Fortune 500 companies) develop websites, improve businesses, test networking solutions, help with security, and manage projects. Basically, anything technical they needed he got done.

This led him to get great exposure to various technologies and tools. He got hands on experience and even dived deep into a lot of them to improve the way companies use these tools. This experience has helped him tremendously as he writes for OC Tech Alliance, although he caters the information more to beginners than for a very technical audience. Regardless, the information should prove to be invaluable as you look for your next software or tool to solve your problem!

Lydia Murtin

Software Engineer

Everyone has a unique story of how they got to the point where they are now. And this is Lydia's. 

After graduating from high school, she thought that being a tourist guide is all she ever wanted to do in her life. But, after a year spent on tourism program she realized this is not her true calling. Instead she started studying Software Engineering. 

After 4 years of studying she got a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and got a chance to meet and work with a lot of successful professionals from that field. 

Today, she worked at OCTA to help  build the site. She solves all the technical problems and creates the various page designs so that the site is always running quickly and beautifully.