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With hundreds of data analysis software on the market, how do you know which one is right for your company?

In this guide, I have pointed out the crucial things to consider when purchasing the best data analysis software.

What is data analysis software? Simply put, it is a program specially created to collect, transform and organize data.

Statistical analysis provides business executives with real-time data to help them make better decisions based on facts rather than clues.

I have also provided you with the best data analysis software to measure your performance. This can be the performance of your staff, a new product or simply the performance of your marketing campaign. This can be the performance of your staff, a new product or simply the performance of your marketing campaign. Using calendar applications in order to improve productivity, schedule meetings and other business related work is always a good idea too.

Best analytics software Reviews

Top 3 Data Analysis Software

Tableau software

2. Tableau


  • One of the best data visualization tool
  • Analyzes large volume of data
  • Can view and analyze data on mobile phones
Orange software

3. Orange


  • It creates awesome and interesting graphics
  • Can be used by both novice and experts
  • Supports training

1. Yougov


Yougov software

This is a global provider of analysis and data to serve every kind of business. It was founded by Stephan Shakespeare in UK in 2000 and has operations all over the world.


  • Collects and analysis data
  • Has a lot of features to help a brand grow
  • Its analysis software is easy to use
  • It has operations all around the world


  • Uses crunch to analyze data

All of this important information is collected and analyzed by Yougov to provide insight into public market. In fact, Yougov is considered the pioneer of online market research.

Yougov Main Features

  • Does market research
  • It collects data
  • Features multiple question types
  • Does high volume of data processing
  • It features Data visualization
  • Features feedback collection
  • Features data analysis tools
  • Features performance metrics
  • Supports PowerPoint integration
  • Has audience segmentation
  • Supports live results tracking
  • Has budgeting and forecasting
  • It features marketing calendar
  • Supports email distribution

This is not your ordinary data analysis software. It is the perfect solution for enterprises, agencies and startups because it will gather and analyze data all in 1 platform.

How customers will benefit from this data analytics software

Identify your Audience

This is a software that will help you define and understand your target audience. These are people that matters most to your business. It’s a platform that is dedicated to help brands grow by tracking the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

Yougov is able to describe your target audience in detail, discover when to engage them and provide them with a live campaign. And that’s not all, it will monitor their performance over time.

Real-time Research

You will get results from their surveys that are conducted daily. This can be targeted research where questions are asked to a specific group or national research where a survey will be conducted in over 70 markets.

Data Analysis

It does not just collect data, it analysis it for companies to help with their market research, product development and improve efficiency of a company. Data analytics is made simple with their easy to use software.

It developed crunch to analyze their survey data. It has drag and drop features with fast processing speeds. Your data will always be available. Its new dashboard features categories, different variables etc., to help organize your data.

2. Tableau


Next up is a popular data analysis software, Tableau. It features advanced analytics, extremely easy to use dashboard and it is faster than existing solutions. It is one of my picks of the best data analysis software because of how fast it will visualize your data.

Tableau software


  • It is one of the best data visualization tool
  • Analyzes large volume of data
  • Can view and analyze data on mobile phones
  • Integrates with a variety of big data platforms


  • Takes time to learn the software
  • It is a bit pricy

Main Features

  • Creates interactive charts and maps of your data
  • It is designed with easy drag and drop functionality
  • Its newer version has incorporated user feedback
  • Easy to process large volumes of data
  • Can collect data from spreadsheets, salesforce, SQL databases, and Google analytics
  • Data can be viewed and analyzed on smartphones with Tableau mobile app

What’s so great about this Data Software?

Visual presentation

It is one of the hottest data visualization tools that allows anyone to create maps and charts. It comes preloaded with maps of most countries so it’s easy to create data for them.

It was founded in 2002 in Seattle.

It is also easy to apply filters. Filters will allow the companies to work with data based on certain conditions and only focus on groups that are bringing the most ROI. 

Set up and Configuration

Start by downloading the software on your computer. It has data connectors to export your data from spreadsheet, Google analytics, and salesforce, just to name a few.

Use the drag and drop functionality to create interactive charts and maps of your data. You can analyze data across regions, different audiences and can use it to explore new opportunities.

This data can be shared with your other staff. It is an ideal solutions for banks, hospitals, agencies and any industry that might benefit from data analysis.

3. Orange


Orange software

Orange is a perfect software for data visualization and analysis. It is written in python language.

It makes use of components called widgets. These widgets are used to read data, select functions, analyze components and display the data. 


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Seamless integration with multiple financial areas
  • Amazing tech support
  • Established reputation – a very well known and popular company


  • Can be very slow at times
  • More expensive than other alternatives

Orange makes formatting and moving data quick and easy using widgets.

Main Features

  • Has been written in Python language
  • Has interactive data visualization
  • Has add-ons for bioinformatics
  • Has features for data analysis
  • Offers learning of the software
  • Its suitable for small, medium and large businesses
  • It’s a product of Orange Company

Why Orange is perfect for you

Interactive data visualization

It features different types of visualization widgets. They include silhouette plot, scatter plot, tree visualization, histogram, dendrogram and many more. They are all interactive; for example, you can select data points from a node in the tree and show them in other widgets.

It also has a clever reporting where a user can access workflow history.

It is perfect for beginners and Professionals

Orange’s graphical user interface is ideal for people who are not software developers but would like to perform data analysis. It has resources for the users to study the software. On the website, there are many tutorial videos.

If you want to get a high-quality web development, you can also check out this software development shop.

Easy to analyze Data

The user interface is well designed and a user can analyze data easily using the widgets’ drop and drag.

The widgets are widespread, allowing users to visualize their data well.

4. Excel


Excell is a very powerful data analysis tool. It is also the most commonly used data analysis software in the world. Why? It is easy to use especially if you have basic knowledge of using pivot tables and formulas. It is free and perfect for simple analysis.

Excel features


  • It is easy to use
  • It is free to use
  • Has lots of functions for data analysis
  • You can do nearly anything with excel. This includes computations, analysis, just to name a few.


  • Not suitable for analysis of large volume of data

Main Features of Excel

  • Make use of pivot table to analyze large databases
  • Has sort function. Sort your data on 1 column or many columns
  • Uses formulae
  • Make use of tables to analyze data
  • Features add-in program (Analysis ToolPak) that provides more data analysis functions

Though Excel is full of tables and formulas, you can do data analysis with it.

When you open Excel on your laptop or computer, the data analysis option may not appear by default. You have to find it. The data analysis tool pack is usually available on the Data tab.

Wide range of statistical functions

It offers a variety of functions to facilitate simple to complex data analysis in your Excel worksheets.
The Excel Analysis Toolpak is an add-in that offers even more statistical analysis tools.

Sort Feature

You are able to categorize your data in ascending or descending order in one or more columns.
If you require to exhibit data records that meet a certain criteria, sort your Excel data with this feature.

Charts, Pivot Tables

These are one of the most powerful features of excel. They allow the user to analyze data efficiently and quickly.

5. Power BI


Power BI features

This is a must have data analytics software. It lets you easily display and analyze your real- time data. Quickly identify patterns, trends, risks and opportunities with this data analysis software.


  • Power BI gives user better visibility of their data
  • A user can access data from different sources
  • You can customize dashboard


  • It doesn't handle large data sources well

Main Features

  • Can customize dashboard
  • Has 74 data connectors
  • Creates professional reporting to help make daily business decisions
  • You can create tons of charts, tables, views for a number of different variables
  • Features easy sharing of analysis with others
  • Power BI embedded allows embedding visuals into your app

Why use Power BI

This data analysis tool was developed in July 2105 by Microsoft. Since that time, new features have been constantly released to improve it.

Accessing data from different Sources

With its numerous data connectors, you can use them to import data from your data sources. Their developers ensured that power BI can connect to any platform and proof of that is their many popular connectors.

Many of the platforms you can connect to include MailChimp, Salesforce, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Googke Analytics and many more.

Great Visualizations

It is worth noting that Power BI is a great data visualization platform. It will transform rows of data into visualization that will help you understand it better.

It has different chart types, tables that can be used to represent your data. This will help your company to gain a deeper understanding of which products or services are making more sales and react quickly to those performing poorly.

It is also possible to customize dashboard and create stunning visuals. Features like online analytical processing further enhances analysis and unlimited report reviewing.

A drag and drop Interface

Power BI features a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to analyze data. You can also customize the dashboard to create reports efficiently. It is a free software that can be downloaded on your computer.

A point to note is that Power BI runs on computers that have windows only.

6. Compass


Compass is Bruker Daltonic´s software for data processing, as well ad for performing powerful bioinformatics and chemoinformatics analysis.

Compass capture


  • The program is easy to use
  • Has good customer’s support
  • -It is ideal for chemoinformatics and bioinformatics analysis


  • Not the best visualizations

Main Features

  • It allows easy integration of specific questionnaires
  • It allows anonymous benchmarking
  • Features tailor made reports

It is Ideal for chemoinformatics and bioinformatics analysis

Compass offers tools with which both inexperienced and experienced users can obtain and process data records.

In the Compass platform, you can select certain components depending on the requirements of your work. All Compass data acquisition and reporting components make it possible for you to analyze data.

In addition, the interpretation of data in Compass uses additional bioinformatics components depending on your work requirements.

The components include Metabolite tools for the comparison of different LC / MS data sets to determine if there are small amounts of metabolites, LibrarySearch for the comparison of MS / MS spectra and much more.

7. Sisense


Sisense logo

Sisense is a data analytics software that was developed in 2004. It has been growing rapidly ever since. It delivers unmatched performance. You can prepare, analyze and visualize simple and complex data using this software.


  • It is easy to use
  • Supports integrations of other apps
  • Supports customization of dashboard
  • Offers technical support
  • Has easy to Interpret Visualizations


  • Reporting features are a bit too basic compared to apps such as Tableau

Main Features

  • Can build interactive dashboard with no technical skills
  • Enables integrations with third party applications
  • Process high volume of data
  • Allows report accessing, monitoring and sharing
  • Provides interactive visual analytics and delivers insights
  • Features data connectors to import data from multiple sources

Sisense is the “RobinHood of the BI world” - making data available to any user, not only to small businesses but big businesses with a lot of resources.

Its “secret sauce” is the professionalism used to design the software BI solution so that everybody can be able to analyze data using this tool and not rely on IT technicians. Everybody can create the largest possible data set from any device at any time.

How will you benefit from this data analytics software?

Provide Analytics solution

Prepare and analyze data with Sisense. It is one of the top data analytics tool with several awards for helping business make faster and smarter data driven decisions. Use its data connectors to import data from your multiple sources.

Its data visualizations include line charts and pie charts. All this will provide insights that businesses need to make better business decisions.

Customize your Dashboard

This is one of the few data analysis tools that allows to personalize a dashboard. Customize the platform to meet your needs based on your industry. Industries served by Sinsense include the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Enterprise
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Software
  • Government and many more

App integrations

This tool can be integrated with other software to draw data directly or to perform more functions. The following integrations are currently offered by the tool. They include Google AdWords, Google analytics, QuickBase, Taradata, Hadoop Hive and many more.

8. Domo


Domo helps companies transform the way they run their business. It was founded in 2010 and has been empowering all users to make better business decisions.

Domo features


  • It is easy to connect your data sources into 1 platform
  • Features great visualizations like chats
  • Can be used by many industries
  • One can customize the dashboard
  • Allows integrations with other software


  • It is expensive for a small business

Stop doing basic manual tasks that are tiring and change to automated reporting processes and analytics that are easy and quick to create. With this data analysis tool, it is easy to connect your data sources into 1 platform for easier analysis and reporting.

Main Features

  • Dashboard is designed with 17 financial report templates
  • You can drag and drop different reporting components
  • Features great visualizations
  • Allows users to upload raw data to the platform from various sources with its data connectors
  • Allows integrations with other apps
  • It features web-based training

Why use Domo?

Upload raw data to the platform with its Data Connectors

Data Connectors-It is easy to connect to your multiple data sources using their many connectors (e.g. Facebook, Salesforce). You can also manage the status of each connector. Data can be uploaded at a time that the user chooses.

Workbench functionality – This is another great feature that draws local data (via Excel, XML, ODBC, Excel etc.) into Domo. Large amounts of data can also be uploaded.

Save: Users can save their data in this platform.

Features Great Visualizations

Visualize your data with charts, graphs via a drag-and-drop platform. The visualizations will aid your company to make better business decisions. For instance, you can analyze information of your employees to identify their performance.

Interactive Dashboard

Customize the dashboard by adding or changing the layout of certain cards. Also, it is possible to add filters and background color.

It is easy to use so that even non-technical users can effortlessly analyze data.

Domo can be used by many industries and they include the following: hospitality, media. Healthcare, technology, manufacturing, education and many more.

Its customers include Sage, EBay, Litigation Services, National Geographic, Goodwill, Xactly, DHL and many more.

9. IBM Watson


IBM Watson logo

If you are looking for an intelligent tool to perform analysis of your data, consider downloading IBM Watson.

It is one of the best platforms you will find as it is widely recognized for its robust natural language querying, many data connectors, great visualizations and data cleaning prior to uploading in the interface.


  • It makes it easy for companies to prepare and analyze data
  • It features a lot of data connectors
  • You can access IBM Watson analytics from any device
  • It incorporates natural language processing
  • Use its predictive analytics to uncover unforeseen patterns


  • A user need to learn the interface before analyzing data

Main Features

  • It features 32 data connectors
  • Has an easy to access interface
  • A user can access IBM Watson Analytics from any mobile device or desktop
  • It does robust natural language querying
  • It is offered as a cloud based freeman service

Why use IBM Watson

Watson Analytics helps your company collect, clean, and refine data, predict results, gain insights, visualize results, create reports or dashboards, and more.

Numerous Data Connectors

There are over 32 data connectors to import data from various sources. They include Hubspot, sugarCRM, and spreadsheets, Paypal, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, OneDrive and SurveyMonkey.

There are numerous social media connections like Twitter, Facebook plus forms, blogs and comments

10. Rapid Miner


RapidMiner is an easy to use data analysis software. It is expertise in every major industry.
Regardless of which industry you are in, there is a chance that your company generates large amounts of data every minute that is used in decision making.

Rapid Miner software


  • No coding skills required
  • It has a free version
  • It is easy to use
  • It contains a plethora of data analytics and visualization tools


  • None that I know of

Rapid Miner has incredible features which transform this data into insights that can be used to meet challenges and achieve unique goals.

Main Features

  • It features a business Intelligence dashboard
  • Its good at performing all kind of calculations
  • Allows integrations with other apps
  • RapidMiner’s focus is on enabling machine learning and advanced analytics

What’s so great about RapidMiner

Transform your data into predictive insights using RapidMiner. It will analyze it into very appealing informative charts or tables with a single click. It has data connectors for drawing data from your multiples sources into the RapidMiner dashboard.

Essential Visualizations

The best data analysis tools are designed with pre built visualizations such as tables, charts, histograms, etc.

This software enables its users to create pivot tables to sort data more effectively. It creates visualizations and statistical overviews.

Interactive Dashboard

It features an easy to custom dashboard that will provide a comprehensive view of your data. It is easy to use and is designed with a drag and drop functionality for easier data analysis and visualization.

The platform's interface comes with ready-made components for data connectivity, workflow and machine learning.

App Integrations

Rapid Miner can be integrated with other apps such as Xomnia, DataStax, Jaspersoft, Microsystem, Splunk, Python, CROC, MapR and many more.

11. Looker


Looker features

This is one the best analysis software that enables its users to easily import, analyze and share insights in real time.

Data of all sizes can be analyzed within Looker's interactive dashboard. It's really easy to create dashboards and reports.


  • It delivers great visualizations to interpret data and make better business decisions
  • It can integrate with other apps
  • Features data connectors
  • Comes with pre-built analytical blocks and dashboard that is easy to customize


  • Looker only supports SQL databases

Main Features

  • Has the essential data visualizations
  • Can integrate with other apps to create amazing analytics
  • Can customize dashboard or use prebuilt analytical blocks
  • It has data connectors

Choose the feature that suits your needs

Looker features embedded visualizations, custom applications and data science workflows to help companies grow by tracking the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

Data Connectors

Like any other tool, Looker requires you to set up connections to your data sources from the start. However, it only supports SQL databases.

On the other hand, the lists it can connect with is huge and examples include Denodo, Oracle, XtremeData and many more.

Data Analysis

Analyze your business data in effective manner with one of the finest data analytic stools, Looker.

It is a data analysis solution that one can use to build insightful reports. These are visualizations of your data so you can make better business decisions.

Deliver meaningful insights in a way that can be adapted to changing requirements. Offer your customers the data they need to grow their business and cut losses.

You can use their ready-made analysis blocks for your existing schemas to switch from the database to the dashboard or can customize your own depending on your work demands.

Data analytics software Buying guide 

Best Data Analysis Software

Analyze your business data in effective manner with the best data analysis software and tools.

Collecting and organizing Data

Data analysis tools help companies collect and organize data, which is often time-consuming, and identify patterns that lead to meaningful insights.

Use the power of your data and discover the potential of your employees with the best analytics software such as Yougov. Tableau, Orange, Excel, Power BI, Compass, Sisense, Domo, BM Watson, Rapid Miner and Looker.

The need for statistical data analytics is increasing because many industries are going for the best tools to process their data.

Statistical analysis offers numerous advantages for the best possible use of the extensive data available, e.g. determining the company's growth rate, help with market research, product development improving business efficiency, etc.

What Is the Type of Software used to Track very large amounts of related Data?

The answer is database.

Database Software

A database is a collection of data created to be accessed later. It is created in such a way that it is easy to review, and update when need arises.

Database software

The database software is used to create database quickly and efficiently. It can later be saved and updated.

Some of the database software are easy to use hence cutting down the need to hire a developer. They can be used by small and big companies. They feature visualizations such as tables and charts, are available with integrations such as Excel, Good AdWords and more. 

Uses of Data software

  • data reporting
  • database communication
  • multi user access control
  • data security management
  • data storage
  • data recovery and backup

Examples of Database software programs

Popular software programs include the following:

  •  Microsoft Excel
  • Teradata
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • SAP Sybase ASE
  • Microsoft Access and many more

Define What You Want to Achieve Using Data Analytics

With Data analytics, I will be able to:

  • Increase business productivity
  • Analyze and interpret data in meaningful ways
  • Make better business decisions
  • Predict customer and behaviors

Making Better Decisions

Statistical analysis will give me real-time data on complex conditions to help me make better business decisions that are based on facts rather than suspicions.

Measure Performance

The most common usage of reports is to measure performance, be it the performance of a marketing campaign, a new product line, or simply employee performance.

Data analyzed will help me predict, manage risks and make more profits. Also, I will be able to measure my ROI.

No Errors

Manual analysis of data is tiring and most times leads to misleading conclusions and serious biasness. I have recognized the disadvantages of manual analysis and now I use the best software to analyze my data.

The software analyzes the data automatically so there is no need for repeated manual entries which reduces the workload.

Most Important Features in a Data Analysis Software

Easy to use, interactive Dashboard

Many statistical analysis softwares have an easy to use, interactive dashboard that further simplifies the process. The creation of diagrams and charts for the presentation of descriptive statistics is done quickly.

Data Visualizations

Using data visualizations such as graphics or diagrams, can give you a clear picture of how your business is performing. The human brain identifies visual elements much faster than text hence it is extremely important that your software have great visuals.

Easy to use

A data analysis software should be easy to use. No internal team of data scientists needs to be hired to integrate statistical analysis software. In addition, it should allow to easily apply filters to view certain subsets of data.


App integrations

It is important that your data analysis tool is fully compatible with other apps. You save hassle, time and money if your tool can be integrated into apps that you already use.