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Create wonderful webinars with the best webinar software ever. They are great tools for
marketing your products and services, sharing information with your customers or staff.
The first webinar was developed in the late 1990s as a way of presenting to a wide
audience. Webinars are now one of the best marketing tools used by everybody.

You need the best webinar software to get more leads and sales. The softwares
reviewed here will give you everything you need to create and host your webinars.
They come with important features which include the following: Screenshare, video
conference people into the webinar, record the whole webinar for people who did not
attend, schedule webinars ahead of time, audio calls and many more.

Best Webinar Software Rewiews

Top 3 Webinar Software 

EverWebinar logo

1. EverWebinar


  • It comes with training videos
  • Great for events with large parties
  • It allows you to try it for just $1 for 60 days.
Webinarjam logo

2. WebinarJam

Webinarjam is a sister tool forEverWebinar. Though they have similar features, WebinarJam is focused on live events while EverWebinar is focused on evergreen webinars. 


  • It offers the most advanced data analytics toolkit
  • It comes with an auto-responder that replies emails
  • It’s a great tool for marketing
Clickmeeting software

3. ClickMeeting

This is a perfect webinar tool for companies that love hosting live webinars. It comes with engagement tools to draw attention of your audience plus make them listen to you. 


  • Its pricing is affordable
  • Live chat with your attendees
  • It comes with training videos

1. EverWebinar


EverWebinar logo

EverWebinar is the best tool for marketing and making sales. It comes with a lot of interaction and engagement features to sell and educate your audience. You can earn a lot of cash with this tool especially if you like to follow up with attendees and those that couldn’t make it.


  • It comes with training videos
  • Comes with live indicators that show up when your audiences makes purchases
  • Great for events with large parties
  • It allows you to try it for just $1 for 60 days


  • You have to pay a lump sum upfront as it is paid annually
  • The prices are a bit higher compared to other webinars

It automates webinars and makes them evergreen. This means that you can record a webinar once and have it replay on forever. It was developed in 2015 by Genesis digital. WebinarJam is also their tool.

Main features

  • It seamlessly integrates with many email marketing platforms such as GetResponse, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign
  • It enables you to send emails to people who attended your webinar and those who didn’t
  • It is live chat enabled
  • It is used to pre-record a webinar and show it whenever a visitor signs
  • It includes analytics and tracking
  • Allows users to schedule webinar to replay at set times
  • Powerful marketing tool

    One of the best features of EverWebinar is email marketing integrations. After running a live event with over 50 attendees, I found it to be a great marketing tool.

    It integrates with many email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, Zapier, GetResponse, Drip, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign and many more. This will enable you to send emails about your webinar to your email lists.

    Simple platform for recording Webinars

    It features a simple and easy to use dashboard. It lets you to link to your Facebook or YouTube channel for steraming.

    You can try it for $1 for 60 days then later pay 1 time price of $492. More about this tool in our EverWebinar review.

    2. WebinarJam


    WebinarJam is a sister tool forEverWebinar. 

    Though they have similar features, WebinarJam is focused on live events while EverWebinar is focused on evergreen webinars. This means that EverWebinar is used to rebroadcast webinars. This is valuable content that can be replayed to new attendees.

    Webinarjam logo


    • It’s a great tool for marketing. It will enable you to follow up with your customers
    • It offers the most advanced data analytics toolkit
    • It comes with an auto-responder that replies emails
    • It is compatible with all operating systems such as Mac, Windows and Linux


    • It is for live events hence there is no automation with this software

    WebinarJam will help you create live webinars for the purpose of sales and marketing. It has popup CTA features, connects you to many email marketing platforms making it the best webinar platform for marketers looking to interact closely with their audience.

    Main Features

    • It has popup CTA features
    • It has a chat feature
    • Sends alerts to registrants
    • There is direct streaming to YouTube and Facebook Live
    • It has analytics feature
    • It will connects to many email marketing platforms
    • HD quality video and audio with minimal lag time

    Live Chat enabled

    It comes with a moderated chat feature that will help to engage with your audience. This makes it perfect for customer interaction, thought leadership and lead generation.

    I appreciate that the chat function of WebinarJam allowed me to accept, edit or reject comments before the rest of my attendees views them.

    WebinarJam Platform


    It features an all in 1 platform so as to get the most out of your customers. It comes with training videos, live chats, create webinar registration pages, insights to track your participants, easy scheduling of sessions, send invites and many more.

    You will be fully in charge of your sessions since you can set your schedules at the intervals that you want.

    3. ClickMeeting


    Clickmeeting software

    This is a perfect webinar tool for companies that love hosting live webinars. It comes with engagement tools to draw attention of your audience plus make them listen to you. It is priced much lower compared to most webinar softwares.


    • Its pricing is affordable
    • Live chat with your attendees
    • It is suitable for webinars as well as meetings
    • It comes with training videos


    • Webinar recordings are limited

    For 50 attendees, you will be billed $30 annually. This plan is suitable for small and medium size webinars or for people who are just starting out as marketers.

    Main Features

    • Has a good user interface
    • You can have paid events since it connects to payment systems such as PayPal
    • You can customize your different pages which people will see when they sign up
    • It has a chat feature
    • you can add previously created webinar
    • You can add CTAs
    • Comes with a whiteboard which is helpful in illustrating stuffs during your presentation
    • You can run automated webinars

    Good user Interface

    The interface makes it easy to customize the appearance of your webinar to suit your brand.  It makes it easy to create all kinds of events, meetings and even ad hoc meeting that you can launch into right away.

    It has an option of linking to your YouTube channel orFacebook Live.

    The webinar rooms

    Its rooms are well designed and have all the tools for creating a professional webinar such as whiteboard, CTA buttons, desktop sharing, and survey questions to market toyour customers and train your staff.

    Live Chat

    This is a handy feature that you can use to engage with your customers or staff. You can answer their questions or use it to give special offers that will pop up for your attendees. More details here in our ClickMeeting review.

    4. GoToMeeting


    This is a very popular tool which competes against other webinar softwares. After signing up for an account, I got my own meeting link which I shared with my participants who wanted to be part of my meetings.

    It is a great tool for companies with staffs around the world. It was founded in 1989 by Citrix.

    GoToMeeting software


    • You can access its support 24/7 through email, phone and even live chat
    • It has a trial period to test the web conferencing tool before buying it
    • Integrates with other apps
    • Can record meetings for future reference


    • Nothing much. Sometimes it takes a while to start up

    Main Features

    • It comes with webcam capabilities
    • Comes with an audience view
    • It has a chat option
    • Comes with calendar integration
    • Has crystal clear audio
    • Has an option of recording the meeting

    Chat option

    This is a cool feature that allows you to communicate with your audience


    It is a very affordable webinar platform. For $12 per month, you can have 150 participants in your webinar. Its popular plan is $16 per month with 250 participants.

    In addition, it comes with a 2 weeks trial to check how it works.

    Gotomeeting simple to use Interface

    From its admin center, I was able to manage my audience. It comes with an audience view so I was ableto see what my audience was seeingwith my webcam on.

    Your audience can use the provided URL to join your meetings. Also, the meetings can be accessed using different devices that use Mac, Windows, android, IOS and many more. Read our in-depth GoToMeeting review for more information about the features.

    Software Integrations

    It integrates with other softwares such as Hatchbuck, ICRM, Slack, Zapier, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Acuity Scheduling, Microsoft Office 365, etc. Its integrations with third party apps allows a user to launcha conference call from CRM, messaging platforms and email.

    5. GetResponse


    GetResponse software

    This is an email marketing tool with the ability to create and host webinars from inside your account. The nicest part of this software is that you can email lists of your contact with the webinar information.


    • Let’s you build sales pipelines
    • Let’s you host webinars
    • Its affordable
    • You can add reminders and notes to each individual lead
    • It integrates directly with your favorite email automation funnels


    • No advanced features for hosting a webinar. Its primarily designed foremail marketing

    Main Features

    • You can do webinars
    • You can create your own landing pages
    • You can automate the whole processof workflow
    • Comes with whiteboards for illustrations
    • Has YouTube integration for your webinars
    • Has a chat option


    It comes with 30 days free trial to test it out. It costs $15 a month for 1000 subscribers. The prices are cheaper as you go to the highest levels. You will pay $29 dollars a month for 2,500 contacts.

    Host Webinars

    Although it is an email marketing tool, you can create webinars which can generate a lot of quality leads for your business. You can host up to 1,000 attendees depending on your plan.

    Its webinars features include the following:

    • Whiteboards for illustrations when presenting
    • Chat option
    • YouTube integration
    • Screen sharing

    6. EasyWebinar


    Grow your audience with the best webinar platform, EasyWebinar. You can create a live or an automated event with this software.

    EasyWebinar software


    • It integrates with other apps
    • Can create live or automated event
    • Comes with built in email notifications
    • Comes with CTA buttons


    • Unfortunately, it has only 4 templates in its library
    • No free trial to test the tool

    Main Features

    • Comes with templates that you can use to create your webinar funnels
    • It integrates with other apps such as Zapier
    • It comes with own built in 1 click email link registration
    • Has social sharing feature
    • Comes with buttons or widgets to embed in your landing pages

    Engage with your audience


    Your audience will see and hear you live which is great for building relationships with your audience and customers.

    It is perfect for closing more sales.

    Live and Automated Webinars

    EasyWebinar makes it possible to create live or automated webinars. I got a good range features for creating my webinar. First, it comes with templates that I could customize to suit my brand.

    Before entering a webinar room, it provides options of testing your audio and video.

    7. GotoWebinar


    GotoWebinar software

    GotoWebinar has everything that you would need from a webinar platform. Use it to offer webinars as frequently as you wish. You can pitch people your services or use it to educate.


    • It comes with a free trial
    • Has high definition video conferencing option
    • You can share your screen with other presenters
    • Its reliable even if you are hosting a webinar with 500 participants


    • Lacks marketing features

    Main Features

    • Supports screen sharing
    • It is a reporting and analytics tool
    • It supports various audio options
    • Can integrate your calendar
    • Sends reminder emails


    It comes with 3 plans.  Starter, Pro and Plus. Starter costs $89 per month for 100 attendees. Pro costs $199 per month for 500 attendees and Plus costs $429 per month for 3,000 attendees. All of these plans are billed annually making you pay a lump sum upfront.

    Fortunately, it comes with a free trial to test it.

    Analytics Feature

    It gives good reports of your audience so you can learn more about them. Valuable insights to learn about your audience include their performance, number of attendees and their interaction.

    High Definition Videoconferencing

    Create high definition webinars with Gotowebinar. These marketing tools will be great for performing product demonstrations or training your team. These people will benefit from this software: A blogger, Software Company, trainer, human resource manager and B2B Company.

    8. Zoom


    Use Zoom for meetings, webinars and Calling. This is an award winning tool for online meeting, group calling and hosting webinars. Although it is primarily designed for online calls and meetings, it has great features for hosting webinars.

    Zoom software


    • It offers a 30 days free trial
    • Can be used for online calls, online meetings and Webinars
    • It comes with a chat feature to engage your audience
    • Integrates with CRM systems


    • It does not have webinar automation features

    Main Features


    • Can make and receive phone calls from Zoom mobile app and desktop
    • It supports all devices using iOS, Windows, Mac and Android
    • Features a quality monitoring dashboard
    • Integrates with CRM systems
    • Creates webinars
    • Records webinars
    • Can mute or unmute panelist or some attendees
    • Keep your audience engaged with chats, questions and answers
    • Integrates with payment systems such as PayPal and even Credit card

    Online Meetings

    Zoom is primarily designed for online meetings and calls. It’s in fact similar to skype except it has more features. In these meetings, multiple participants can share their webcam, screens and audio.

    You can record your meeting and chat with groups. Meetings are protected with password and encryption.

    Broaden your reach with Webinars

    Host online events with Zoom webinar’s solution. It supports integration with CRM systems and can use it on your computer or smartphone.

    It supports live broadcasting. Take advantage of this feature and stream live to your YouTube channel and Facebook Live.

    Payment System Integration

    You can monetize your webinars with payment system integrations. Zoom has enabled PayPal and Credit Card integration. Customers can pay directly via Zoom.

    9. Demio


    Demio software

    You can create live or an automated webinars with Demio. For an automated event upload a video or use previous recorded webinars. It allows you to customize your webinars then share after hosting.


    • Creates live and automated webinars
    • Comes with marketing tools
    • It delivers HD content
    • You can customize your webinars
    • It is easy to use
    • Comes with a 14 day free trial


    • It is a bit expensive for a starter

    Main Features


    • Hosts live or automated webinars
    • It comes with email marketing integrations
    • You can view, manage and export contacts
    • Has sharing option
    • Comes with many templates to customize your webinars
    • Sends email notifications
    • Features interactive polls and stats
    • Has CTA buttons, sign up page and even embedding your URL
    • Chat feature comes with emoji’s

    Awesome Marketing Tools

    It comes with marketing tools such as CTA buttons, sign up page, URL embed, email marketing integrations, email notifications, interactive polls and many more. Take advantage of these marketing tools to drive more sales and build strong customer relationships.

    No Downloads

    Your attendees can join your webinars without downloading any software. They can join from almost any device since Demio supports many browsers. This will result in higher attendance rates.


    It is worth noting that Demio comes with 3 pricing plans. Starter, Growth and Business. Starter costs $34 per month with 50 attendee, Growth costs $69 per month with 150 attendee and Business costs $163 per month with 500 attendee. All of them are paid annually.

    Best Webinar Platforms Buying Guide

    Best Webinar Software

    Are you looking for the best webinar software? You have come to the right place.

    The best tool for hosting live or automated webinars will depend on your budget, marketing tools, number of presenters and attendees, ease of use, analytics and reporting feature, and many more. Make sure to choose the features that will most suit your brand and to improve your work - whether you are a sales executive or doing cloud engineer remote work.

    What Is a Webinar Software?

    This is a valuable tool specifically designed toshare information or train online. Webinars can be hosted live or be automated and are often used for selling large ticket items, courses, or informational products.

    There are many paid and free options available. Each webinar software have features and main ones include:


    • Have marketing tools
    • CRM integrations
    • Payment systems integrations
    • Customized scheduling
    • Ability to create live and automated webinars
    • Chats
    • Email reminders
    • Sales alerts
    • Analytics and reporting

    What Are the Benefits of Using Webinar Platforms?

    Webinars softwares are great tools for generating valuable leads. Most of them comes with marketing toolssuch as sign up page, email notifications, interactive polls etc.

    Use them to generate more leads, make more sales, foster better relationships with your customers, audience or student.

    Webinars are Cost-Effective

    Webinars make excellent tools for holding online meetings. They are cost effective compared to physical meetings where you will need to rent a room, equipment, chairs etc.

    Your attendees will not be required to pay anything.  Many of them offer a free trial to test out their features before buying. This will give you the perfect opportunity to see if they have the right features for hosting your webinars or not.

    Lead Generation

    I cannot stress enough how webinars are amazing at generating hot new leads. Leads has to fill their names, phone number and even address when registering. These will be  your new prospects that can be marketed to in the future.

    If your webinars promises to deliver valuable information, many people will sign up bringing in more leads.

    Guest Presentations

    Foster better relationship with your audience by creating engaging webinars. Your audience will trust you more if you invite experts or industry leaders to speak or educate on your behalf.

    Tips for using your Webinar Tool

    Research your Attendees

    Before hosting your webinar, identify your target audience in order to develop effective content for them. Target audience is a group of people sharing similar characteristics, live in same region etc.

    The goal of your webinar is to make sales or generate new leads hence you need to know the kind of people attending your webinar.

    Visual Branding

    Webinars comes in handy when promoting a brand hence utilize them more often. Many webinar software make it possible for users to use their own logos, domain name, brand colors.

    This increases your brad recognition because your audience is exposed to your brand throughout the event.

    Leverage Analytics

    Most webinars software comes with analytics tools. This give valuable information about your audience. You will know how many people bought your products, number of people that attended your webinar plus their interaction.

    Well-Timed Promotions

    You need to promote your webinars in order to get people to attend. You can create awareness about your webinars through social media, paid ads, emails, forums and groups.

    You can make a short promotional video then use Mailchimp to send to your email list.