10 Things to Know about Open-Source Technology

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Open-source technology is present all around, but not many people know about it or understand it. Truth is, we use it almost every day without realizing it, and the perks it can offer to us are amazing. If you are considering using an open-source solution to boost your research capabilities or are just wondering about … Read more

Top 4 Features to Look for When Choosing a Legal Document Management Software

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The capacity and recovery of records stayed a significant issue for legal advisors for quite a while. Document Management Software allows you to run your legitimate practice flawlessly by following, making due, and putting away reports to lessen administrative work with the assistance of metadata and labeling.Appropriate administration of your advanced reports assumes a critical … Read more

How to Set Up a Video Conference | The Equipment You Need & Essential Tips

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For most people, the webcam has always been just another feature of their laptop or desktop. However, as more jobs move to become remote, there’s a need for people to adopt the new digital lifestyles. Meetings, which are essential for any workplace, are now being held virtually, making it mundane to learn how to set … Read more

Twitch vs YouTube | Which Is Better For Streaming?

Youtube and Twitch platforms

YouTube has been the king of video content since its launch in 2005. Since then, numerous sites tried to copy the massive footsteps of this online video-sharing platform giant and failed. Although Twitch came into the picture in 2006, it was only around 2014 that millions of people began to take notice. As of 2020, about … Read more

What Equipment Do I Need to Stream on Twitch? | Everything You Need to Get Started

If you are contemplating a career in live streaming then you might ask yourself “What equipment do I need to stream on Twitch?” The answer is fairly similar no matter what kind of content you are creating, it all starts with a stable high-speed internet connection and a decently powerful computer. You will also need … Read more

How to Stream Games on Facebook | Streaming Your Gameplay on FB Made Easy

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Some choose to broadcast their content as a hobby but many choose to make a career out of live streaming. If you are contemplating a career in live streaming you might want to know how to stream games on Facebook. It all starts with a great idea and some equipment. No matter what kind of content … Read more