ClickMeeting Review | Presentation, Marketing & Showcasing All-in-one Webinar Tool

Looking for an honest ClickMeeting review? Learn more about its pros and cons, pricing, features from my own personal experience. It offers the perfect platform to showcase your products, share your knowledge and even conduct online business meetings.

Like all the best webinar software, ClickMeeting top features include screen sharing, webinar rooms, webinar recording, good user interface, live chats, payment systems integration, reporting and analytics, CTA buttons, webinar customizations, automation features, whiteboards, tests and surveys, web conferencing and many more. If you find this helpful, check out another e-mail marketing tool in our GetResponse ReviewWe also reviewed Easy Webinar advanced platform.

What is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a webinar platform with great features that will take your business to the next level.

There are many features that make it stand out. I found it to be the best tool to host live and automated webinars. I also liked the fact that there is no software to download.

Your attendees can join your webinar by entering your webinar ID on the ClickMeeting homepage. It provides video tutorials that will help you to create truly professional webinars.

A group of people working together


  • Great for both small and large business
  • Comes with a free trial
  • A multipurpose software
  • Friendly user interface
  • It comes with many webinar tools
  • Affordable


  • limited number of hours you can record

Apps Integrations

It integrates with dozens of apps. They include email marketing platforms such as Zapier, payment systems such as PayPal, social media, analytics, online classes platform such as Moodle, sharing documents platforms such as Dropbox, calendars, teamwork platforms such asS, plugins and many more.

High-quality webinars

Create webinars with amazing video and audio quality. ClickMeeting webinars are your powerful technology tools to reach more of your target customers provided they have a reliable internet connection. For this purpose, also check out our Blue Jeans review.

ClickMeeting uses WebRTC technology to have your webinars produce high-quality content.

Customize your pages

With its appearance settings, you can customize your webinar pages to suit your brand.

Add logo, domain of your company, color so that your target audience will recognize your brand.  In addition, you can impress your customers by designing your registration page, thank you page, and even your profile page.

ClickMeeting Features

Here are the top features of ClickMeeting:

  • screen sharing
  • Webinar rooms
  • Web conferencing
  • Webinar recording
  • good user interface
  • live chats
  • Integration of payment system such asemail marketing platforms, social media
  • Reporting and analytics
  • CTA buttons
  • Webinar customizations
  • Automation features
  • Whiteboards
  •  Tests and surveys,

Sharing the Screen

Screen sharing enables your attendees to view your computer screen. It is useful when demonstrating a product. You can share full or part of your screen with this feature.


Live interactions

If you want your audience to feel like they are part of your webinar, use ClickMeeting. It come with live interactions features such polls and voting, chat and tests.

Analyze your webinars

The analytics feature of ClickMeeting gives important info about your webinar and participant. Useinformation to improve your performance. Make the most of your event and number of attendees, number of products sold, etc.

Webinar Rooms

Reach your students wherever they are with ClickMeeting webinar. This softwarehas an easy to use platform with a modern design. You can customize its pages to suit your brand.

It is also browser based hence no downloading of software. From its interface, you can access all the tools you would require to make your webinar look professional such as whiteboard, surveys, CTA buttons, etc. 

It integrates with other apps and can stream to Facebook Live and YouTube channel directly from it.

Webinar monetization

It is possible to monetize your webinars when you use ClickMeeting. It has an option to connect to major payment systems such as PayPal giving you an opportunity to make money with your webinars.

All transactions are secured.

Webinar Automation

Through its features of automation, you can upload video or use previously recorded webinars to play. This is one of the reasons it stands out as a great option to consider when looking for a webinar for your business.

Getting Started With ClickMeeting


Getting started with ClickMeeting is easy. First and foremost, you need to choose a topic that will best serve your audience.

Learnmore about your audience in order to develop content that will be suitable for them. Use a registration form to collect useful information about them such as their characteristics, needs, demographics and opinions.

Schedule your Webinar

Sign up for an account so as to access its dashboard. On ClickMeeting dashboard, click schedule an event. Give your webinar room an SEO optimized name.

Next is to choose room type. You can decide if to host a live or an automated webinar.

Select time and date to host your event.

Click access type. If your webinar is for everybody, click open to all but if you are looking to monetize it, click paid, password or token option.

Click invite people and choose attendees then create an email invitation list. After sending them an invite, click I finished adding contacts.

In the next step, you willsee choose email template option. Click it and choose an invitation email template. When you click invite, all your contacts will receive an email with a link to your webinar room.

Open the webinar room that you created earlier in order to customize it. Customize your room with your company logo, colors so as to match your webinar topic.

Customize your webinar

Open the webinar room that you created earlier in order to customize it. Customize your room with your company logo, colors so as to match your webinar topic.

Blue webinar button

Setting up a Meeting with ClickMeeting Software

Before starting your event, test if your web camera and audio are working. You also need a waiting room if you like to schedule your webinars. Make sure it has all info because it is the first page that your attendees will land before joining your webinar.

First impression matters. Make it colorful and put your event agenda. Do not forget to include your company info, attractive photos and name of your guest speakers with their information.

Start Event

When you are ready to begin your live event, click start event button on your dashboard. ClickMeeting will improve your audio-visual experience and provide lots of features to host a professional webinar.

Special features and Functions

Once the webinar is over, you can set up a thank you pageor emails to everyone who attended. You can use the thank you page plus emails to nurture your leads or even put CTA buttons to convert theminto paying customers

If you want to replay or use your webinar again, set up auto recording. You can share your webinar on your social media accounts or can stream them live on Facebook and YouTube channel.

Automated Webinars

If you do not have time for live webinars, you can schedule automated webinars. You can upload videos or use previously recorded webinars.

Follow the same process of setting up a livewebinar. Schedule and name your event. For room type, choose automated event. You will be needed to upload a webinar recording or a video.

Set up your chats, customize your pages, and then invite your attendees. Your webinar will start on autopilot.

Benefits of Automated Webinars

You can focus more on your customers or students since everything is automated, no presentations. You will save a lot of time and effort which you will use to close more deals and interacting with your audience.
webinar tools

Overview of ClickMeeting Benefits

Webinars are great for business. They are used to showcase products and services, establish brand authority and trust, share content, engage with your audience, build stronger relationships with your customers, makes sales, educate and even

Run live and automated webinars with ease with ClickMeeting platform

If you want to host live and automated webinars with ease, use ClickMeeting. It comes with plenty of tools to make your webinars look professionals. Not only can you customize your webinar rooms but you can integrate with others apps for more functionality.

You can run your webinars on almost all devices because it supports many operating systems.

Make money with your webinar

Use PayPal integration to make money with your webinars.

Streaming live

With ClickMeeting, you can stream live your webinar on your YouTube Channel or Facebook Live. This allows you to share your content on social media. By doing this way, you will build a loyal following on your blog and social media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube channel.

Position yourself as an Expert

By creating webinars with valuable content, you will position yourself as an expert in your field. Webinars are medium of communication that can have unlimited attendees in them.

Take advantage of these tool to build a loyal following, generate massive sales and position yourself as a leader.

The Meeting Experience

People on a business meeting


I had a great meeting experience with ClickMeeting. This software includes flexible customization options that will make your brand stand out. The new account panel comes with options of adding a logo, domain name, color and even portfolio.

With its appearance settings, I was able to make my rooms look attractive and professionals by adding my brand images and enticing CTA buttons.

Meeting tools

If you have valuable knowledge to share, take advantage of webinars. They will help you to acquire your goals faster and effectively.

With the help of video conferencing, business of all sizes can now create online meeting.

Tools needed in a Meeting such whiteboard, survey questions, chat option, further enhanced my online meeting. I could engage my audience easily by use of chat, questions and answers.

Run surveys so as to gather opinions and insights of people that attended your meeting. The whiteboard helped with my presentation and my invited guest even used drawing tools to illustrate his ideas.

There is an option to record your meeting, and even streaming live to popular social media channels.

ClickMeeting Makes Meetings Fun

One of the reasons that make webinars popular is that they are fun. They are live, visual, highly engaging and it is easy for an attendee to follow the entire presentation.

It is extremely important that you create fun meetings or your attendees will lose interest. ClickMeeting makes meeting fun by adding numerous engagement features and presentation tools.

Engagement tools

No need to be worried that your audience will get bored and leave your meeting if you are using ClickMeeting. This tool comes with instant polling which you can use to get your attendees opinions.

Based on these opinions, you can improve your presentations or engagement. Keep your attendees involved with questions and answers. Take advantage of the whiteboard to illustrate your points in a detailed manner.

People understand better when they are illustrated very well. At the end of the webinar, do not forget to give a survey because some people love to share their own opinions.

This feature will make your meeting fun plus make your audience feel valued.

Smooth Video Conference Calls

ClickMeeting is a renowned video conferencing tool. It comes with an array of features such as screen sharing, polls, integrations, whiteboard, chat translations, toll free phone numbers, and CTA buttons to host an online meeting with your entire team.

High-quality Calls

You will make high quality video conferencing callswith this tool. You will see and hear everyone clearly. The days of making frustrating video conference callsare overwhen you use the best video conferencing software.

Collaborate from Anywhere

What is the point of travelling for a meeting if you can have a video conference call? ClickMeeting will make it easier to meet online and share information hence getting work done faster.

If you are working with a team across the world, you will find ClickMeeting very helpful.            

Engaging Calls

Instead of audio conferencing, conduct video conference calls. Participants can see and be seen. Use ClickMeeting features to increase engagement in the meeting.


It has slides to illustrate and educate. You can use PowerPoint to get your message across. You will be able to teach your staff or share information in any part of the world.


Make your online meeting engaging by use of whiteboard. It will enable you to present effectively in your meetings with its handy set of tools.


When you are looking for the best video conferencing tool for your online meeting, check if it can let you share your screen. This feature is useful when you want to showcase your products, train your staff or guide your coworkers.

ClickMeeting lets you share your computer screen with other participants. 

Online meeting

ClickMeeting software for Webinar

Inspire, teach and sell with live and automated ClickMeeting Webinars. With this software, it is possible to host live or automated webinar. Webinars are one of the effective ways of converting your followers into customers.

The concept of a live and automated webinar is to get people to join for free then train or pitch them with a paid service or product.

Webinar Rooms                                  

Customize your webinar rooms so as to suit your brand. It is easy to upload your logo, change color of the webinar room, add CTA buttons and domain of your company’s website.

Webinar Tools

Their many tools will help you host professional webinars. Use drawing tools, text boxes of whiteboard to illustrate your ideas and present effectively.

Make instant sales with ClickMeeting CTA buttons. You can use these buttons to redirect your attendees to your company’s website.

It also comes with toll free phone numbers that your attendees can use to participate in your webinar. They are suitable for people who do not have access to internet.

You will be able to interact with your audience by usingchats and surveys. This tool simplifies creating surveys andgetting answers from your audience. There is also the option of recording of your webinars to use at a later date.

What can you do with ClickMeeting?

Showcase your products: Hold live or automated webinars to sell your products. You will provide your attendees with a link via an email to join your webinar at a specific date and time.

ClickMeeting easily integrates with payment systems such as PayPal for easier payments.

Training Sessions: Use this platform to train or share your knowledge.

Online meetings: ClickMeeting is one of the best tool for video conferencing. You will be able toshare information with your coworkers effectively.

ClickMeeting Pricing Overview

Keep in mind ClickMeeting comes with a free trial of 30 days with up to 25 attendees. This will give you an opportunity to test the software and can decideif it will cater to your needs or not.

With a free trial, you will be able to access most of the features and even host live and automated webinars.

Flexible monthly and annually plans

ClickMeeting has both monthly and annually plans. It comes with 3 plans. Live, Automated and Enterprise.

Live plan costs $25 per month, automated costs $40 per month and Enterprise is custom where you need to contact the company to set it for you according to your needs. With all of these plans, you will be able to:

  • host unlimited number of webinars
  • Host unlimited online meetings
  • Record your webinars
  • Have access to all webinar tools
  • Screen share
  • Auto stream on Facebook Live and YouTube Channel
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Send email and SMS invitations
  • Directly share your webinars in social media
  • Use toll free numbers. This feature is not available in their free trial
  • Access events statics and many more

For $25 or $40 per month, you will be able to host HD webinars hence your attendees can see and hear you properly. Their mode of payment is PayPal, credit card, Master card and Visa Card. They give 20% discount for annual plans.

There are no hidden costs. It however offer extra features for extra cost.


A Multipurpose software

You can host unlimited number of meetings and webinars with ClickMeeting. Its features are tailored to give the best user experience. As someone who have run a lot of webinars and meetings, I can confidently recommend this software to both small and large business. It is loaded with a lot of features.

Comes with a Free Trial

ClickMeeting has a 30 days free trial. Take opportunity of this trial and check if it’s the best product for your business or not.

Friendly User Interface

ClickMeeting features a friendly, easy to operate interface. From the dashboard, you can access all the tools needed to host your webinar.

It comes with many Webinar Tools

No wonder ClickMeeting is one of the leading videoconferencing and webinar software because of its many tools. It comes with a digital whiteboard, integrations, Surveys and many more.


It is competitively priced hence it is suitable for all businesses.


Limits Recording

One thing I didn’t like about ClickMeeting is that it has a limit on the number of hours you can record.

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