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Are you looking to engage with your audience and build relationships with your customers and readers?  Here at OC Tech Alliance we strive to help build businesses with the right tools and software to move your company to the next level. 

In today's review, we take a look at Easy Webinar, a SaaS (Software as a service) software product that helps grow your audience by hosting live real-time webinars.  Automated webinars and live webinars offer a great option to build brand awareness around your company, product, or service. Find out more about the best webinar software here.

Easy Webinar makes it easy with its intuitive user interface, excellent customer support, and rich full features like landing pages and screen sharing that make it a top webinar solution choice to meet your large corporate or small business needs. If you aren't used to simple, sleek design, don't fret. EasyWebinar's  ease of use design makes giving webinar presentations an enjoyable and fun experience for both organizers and attendees.

What is Easy Webinar?

EasyWebinar is an advanced webinar platform that helps you host and run live conferences as well as stream recorded presentations automatically in real time.  Many EasyWebinar reviews share that the software product is great value for money because of its excellent customer service and easy-to-use interface.

EasyWebinar has features for both live and automated webinars to be distributed and shared to both employees and customers alike.  It can support up to four multiple presenters at a time.

In addition, EasyWebinar lets the organizer invite an attendee to be presenter in the webinar as well.  EasyWebinar's top-notch high quality streaming allows for live automated webinars to be displays without delay or latency. Using Easy Webinar also supports high definition screen share for displaying important visuals such as documents, browser windows, desktop movements with mouse or keyboard, and more.

one man and two women

EasyWebinar accommodates for all different audience sizes from small business to large company.  Attendees to an EasyWebinar hosted webinar can expect top-quality in its audio due to the platform's premiere TrueVoice technology that makes sure each user has an amazing live webinar experience.

What is special about Easy Webinar?

This EasyWebinar review seeks to reveal what makes the EasyWebinar software product special and unique from the rest.  One important distinction is its TrueVoice technology which ensures your online video meetings and onboarding sessions are both smooth and powerful for each webinar user during the session.

If you are looking to scale up your marketing efforts, you can even host an automated, evergreen webinar. What is an "evergreen" webinar?  Like the name "evergreen" suggests, an evergreen webinar is a webinar that has content that is on a topic that is perpetually relevant and fresh for readers. 

Similar to evergreen trees that stand the test of time with their perpetual life and stability in the forest throughout the different seasons, an evergreen webinar maintains its relevance and value in its content to attendees.

Evergreen webinars are one of the most effective ways of marketing your business to new, current, or prospective users.  You can use the EasyWebinar  software platform to help grow your company's marketing exposure by creating an automated webinar with relevant content.  This webinar funnel has its own pros and cons, so make sure you use Easy Webinar's customizable functionality to create the best landing page experience for your customers. What's not to like about this do-it-all business tool? 

Pros versus Cons of Easy Webinar


  • High-quality streaming video
  • Ease of use and value for money
  • Social media integration
  • High-Definition (HD) Screen Share
  • Excellent customer service


  • Free trial period is only 14 days

What are some useful EasyWebinar features?

EasyWebinar's ease of use provides some of the best tools and features for hosting webinars that gives customizable functionality . Let's take a look at some of the top features that can be adjusted when hosting  webinars:

  • YouTube Live Integration
  • EliteWebinarMastery Foundation Course
  • Instant on-boarding call
  • EasyCast Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming Tool
  • Chat page for customer service
  • TrueVoice Technology
  • Right-on-time registration
  • Webinar scheduling
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Live Chat during  webinar event
  • Multiple Webinar Types
  • Active Campaign Integration
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Cross-device support: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, MacOS, Web-based
list of events

You can also use EasyWebinar to send reminders when you go live to each user who has registered. For future events, you can use the platform to send each user to your landing page with a welcome video that introduces the user to your business. This is one effective sales funnel that many top marketers have used to create and grow an audience.

If you are training new employees in your organization, you should take advantage of EasyWebinar's built-in video hosting feature, which sometimes cost an additional fee for other software products.

If you are looking to create better list segmentation, you can integrate with ActiveCampaign tags to EasyWebinar in order to send pre and post-webinar notifications and collect customer lead data.

Is Easy Webinar free to use?

EasyWebinar offers a generous 14 day free trial for new users.  You can try either the "Standard" or "Pro" Plan for free before deciding on a paid subscription when hosting your first live webinar.

You can try either of these two paid plans for free and host your own webinars with full functionality and features to give you the video hosting experience. If you have any additional questions or technical difficulties, feel free to reach out to the EasyWebinar customer support.

How much does Easy Webinar cost?

When hosting  events, many reviews agree that EasyWebinar is one of the best options for high-quality streaming video and audio source.  Let's take a look at the paid subscription plans available with EasyWebinar.

check out our review about easy webinar

Free Trial

If you aren't used to "trying" before buying, don't worry, EasyWebinar gives an excellent option that potential customers will definitely like.

You can use EasyWebinar for up to 14 days with its Free Trial plan to create different webinar events depending on your attendee size requirements.  You can choose either the "Standard" or "Pro" plan to accommodate webinar events to get the right plan for your needed participant size.

check out our review about easy webinar


Monthly Pricing: $78.00/ month

Annual Pricing: $708.00/year

Maximum Attendees: 100 Participants

check out our review about easy webinar


Monthly Pricing: $129.00/month

Annual Pricing: $1,080.00/year

Maximum Attendees: 500 Participants

check out our review about easy webinar


Monthly Pricing: $499.00/month

Annual Pricing: $4,188.00/year

Maximum Attendees: 2,000 Participants

You can also make requests like special pricing from the Enterprise team if your monthly expected number of attendees exceeds 2,000 participants.  You can reach out to the EasyWebinar customer support team to find the paid plan that provides the best value for money for hosting  webinars for your organization.

How can I download Easy Webinar?

You can get Easy Webinar on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device by downloading the EasyWebinar app on its proper device platform.

If you use a mobile phone, you can get EasyWebinar on the Android Google Play Store, the Apple iTunes App Store, or the Windows mobile apps store and clicking "Download".

You can also download its desktop application on Windows or MacOS operating systems.  The convenience of EasyWebinar's cross-platform integration makes it one of the best options we have used.


This EasyWebinar review showcases the powerful tools offered by EasyWebinar when starting an effective webinar funnel for your company or other organization.  The ease of use and versatility of EasyWebinar makes it a must-have tool for businesses looking to grow their audience.  Using video content like webinars, you can get amazing results in acquiring new customers by following EasyWebinar's easy step-by-step tutorial guides when starting.

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