GoToMeeting Review | The Tool You Need for Effective Web Conferencing

Read a GoToMeeting review from a real user. Are you looking for webinar and web conferencing services? Consider GoToMeeting. You will be able to host professional webinars and conduct online meetings at any time.

Not all products in our webinar software reviews have the features that you will love about GoToMeeting including unlimited recording, app integrations, smart meeting assistant for transcribing, Instant messaging feature, mobile screen sharing, high quality video and audio, personal meeting room, screen drawing tools and many more.

I found that GoToMeeting comes with a free trial, and automatically transcribed my meetings, could be accessed from any device since it supports all operating windows versions, much like BlueJeans webinar software.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is a webinar, video conferencing and screen sharing software. Small and big business can conduct online meetings with up to 100 employees. In addition, it offers a great webinar service, setting it apart from its competitors.

GoToMeeting  software


  • Unlimited recording and transcribing
  • Helps to draw your attendees’ attention
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Unlimited webinars


  • Its webinar prices are a bit pricy

Easy to Host Webinars

1 one of the unique features that comes with this software is the ability to host webinars. The company has features that are useful for creatinga great webinar like polls, instant messaging, recording, transcribing etc.

You can host up to 1000 participants, depending on your plan. It is good for business especially if you will use it with its integrations.

Video Conferencing

Thanks to video conferencing services of GoToMeeting, companies can organize and conduct online meetings for their employees who are in different geographic locations. The good thing is, your staff or participants can access your meetings from any device because GoToMeeting support almost all operating system.

Not all video conferencing tools are designed the same. The best tools for online meetings comes with various features such as desktop sharing, phone numbers to call, chat features, recording and transcribing, apps integrations and many more.

A Simple Meeting Platform with the Right Set of Features

Gone are the days when you would reserve a venue for your meeting then book flights for your participants. Organizing a meeting these days is easy, thanks to video conferencing apps like GoToMeeting. You can have an online meeting with your colleagues or clients anytime and anywhere.

GoToMeeting provides a platform that enables its users to communicate through text, audio and even video.

Screen sharing

Any conference room can be transformed into a workspace when you screen share with your remote colleagues. This feature allows people access your screen so they can see what you are presenting.

It is an extremely important feature when you need to share a report for discussion or when visuals are needed.

Chat Feature

GoToMeeting comes with instant messaging feature that is located on the admin center. Make sure to turn it on when conducting your online meeting in order to interact with your team.
It is possible to switch from audio, video to a chat conversation. It is possible to start a public or private group chat. You are not limited to chat to your coworkers only. You can chatwith your customers. Simply send them an invitation to get connects with them.

Meeting Transcribing and Recording

This video conferencing tool comes with a smart meeting assistant to automatically transcribe meetings for you. This is a good solution for participants who prefer to read than watch.

The transcribed content can be shared with your coworkers who did not attend your meeting. With GoToMeeting, no need to hire a transcriber. The assistant takes clear and complete notes even if the conversation is moving quickly.

You can also record your entire meeting with this tool. You can use the records to transcribe or keep for future viewing.

Who is GoToMeeting Best for?

GoToMeeting is a webinar and video conferencing tool. If you are looking for webinar and video conferencing services, then GoToMeeting will cater to your needs. Do you want to benefit from the power of webinars?

You can use them to make sales, position you an expert in your field, keep your audience engaged, communicate with different people from remote places, and generate new leads.


GoToMeeting is best for any businesses that want to make sales without selling hard. Webinars are great marketing tools for showcasing a product and selling at the same time. Use webinars to teach about your products and by the time you make an offer, your attendee will be ready to buy them.

Keep in mind that webinars can position you as an expert in your field. Delivering valuable content and answering questions that your attendee might have will position you as an expert.


Communicate with your coworkers from anywhere in the world. GoToMeeting gives you the ability to share your content or teach hundreds of people in any location they might be.


If you run a blog, one of your main goals is to get traffic. Webinars are one of the tools that can benefit your blog. They will drive traffic to your blog, build your brand, and increase your email list and your sales.

When registering for a webinar, your attendee will leave their emails which you can use to build an email list. Use this list to promote your blog. When hosting your webinar, you can provide CTA buttons that will direct them to your blog thereby increasing traffic.

Product Details

If you are running a small business or a blog, GoToMeeting is what you need. It comes with a 7 days free trial with up to 100 attendees so you can test it. Webinar pricing is totally different from video conferencing or GoToMeeting pricing.

GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar has 3 pricing plans. Starter, Pro and Plus. Starter costs $89 per month with 100 participants, Pro Costs $199 per month with 500 participants while $429 per month with 1000 participants.

With all these plans, you can access all the webinar features and include the following:

  • Sending automated emails
  • Surveys and polls
  • Apps integrations
  • Recording
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Custom branding
  • 1 channel page
  • Full service registration

Pro and Plus plans have more webinar features.

GoToMeeting Pricing

This is an affordable pricing compared to webinar pricing.

As expected, it comes with a free plan of 14 days with up to 250 participants. There are also 2 plans to choose from: Professional and Business.

 Professional costs $12 per month for 150 attendants and Business costs $16 per month with 250 participants. If you want a custom package, you need to contact the company.

All of these 2 plans comes with the following features to hold professional meetings:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Chat feature
  • High quality audio and video
  • Dial in Conference Line
  • Downloadable admin reports
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Other software integrations
  • Office 365 Plugin
  • Voice Commands with Siri, just to name a few

GoToMeeting Unique Features

Any business that want to do well in a competitive market need a great marketing tool like GoToMeeting. A tool like this comes with great marketing features to cater to your business needs such as generating high quality leads and making sales.

GoToMeeting for Mac, Windows and Linux

GoToMeeting offers its services via your favorite devices. It almost supports all operating systems hence you can download GoToMeeting for Windows, Linux and Mac. All attendees can also join from any operating system regardless of the device or OS.

Your attendees can also join your meetings or webinars through their mobile devices.

Video or Audio Conferencing

Not all meetings are conducted in the office. Many of them are conducted online especially if your coworkers live in different countries. GoToMeeting gives its user the freedom of hosting meetings anywhere.

Also, participants don’t have to worry if they are at home, airport, kitchen or gym, they can any meeting anywhere.

Personal Meeting Room

You can create a personal meeting room. Thereare plenty of options in this room to impress your customers or audience. Customize it to suit your brand with your company photos, domain name, URL, Logo and address.

Drawing Tools 


Draw attention of your attendees or participants with drawing tools. The tools will help you emphasize on your most important points and will make sure that your presentation is engaging.

Getting Started

Before conducting an online meeting, you need to know who to invite and when to host the meeting.

GoToMeeting is Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android Mac, and Linux Devices

You need an account in order to get started. Your mobile phone or desktop can be used to host or participate in a meeting.

Before starting your session, there links on your dashboard that you can click to show how GoToMeeting works if you are not familiar with the software. I did click some of the links and the tour highlighted important controls that you can use to make your online meetings professionals.

Setting Up a Meeting with GoToMeeting

You can get started from your computer or mobile app. You need to sign up for an account in order to access your dashboard.

Click Schedule a meeting

Enter your meeting title, date and time.Then choose your audio options. For audio options, do not forget to select computer mic and speakers, toll free numbers, long distance numbers and Call Me(OpenVoice Integrated) because you might need them.

Schedule a meeting capture

Start your Meeting

You can add password if you wish to add a layer of security. Once you are done customizing your room, click and share to your participants. To begin your meeting, click start button and your meeting will begin.

A control panel will appear on the right hand side of your screen. All meeting tools will be available on this panel. A list of the people who have joined your meeting will also show.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

Unlock video conferencing capabilities you've always wanted with GoToMeeting. Video conferencing tools make connections with your coworkers or clients simple and affordable.

GoToMeeting comes with 3 affordable pricing plans that can accommodate many participants in its rooms.

GoToMeeting Desktop app for android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux

Conduct conference calls on your desktop, tablet and even your smartphone because GoToMeeting supports almost all operating systems.

Collaboration Tools

Draw more attention with collaboration tools such as drawing tools, questions and answer and even chats. Drawing tools are useful for presentation and for emphasizing important points.

Call Me Feature

It comes with a Call Me feature for an easier audio call meeting. Use this feature to call your participants and all they have to do is pick up your call and they are in.


It integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook for easier management of your meetings.

Screen sharing

This feature enables you to share your screen with your participants. Sometimes it is crucial for your coworkers to see what you are presenting and this feature will come in handy.

Meeting Recording and Transcribing

GoToMeeting is definitely worth your money because of these features that make it special. Capture the whole meeting with built in recording and transcribing. The recordings can be shared to your coworkers who could not attend your meeting or can be saved for future reference.

The video conferencing software also comes with a smart meeting assistant to transcribe your meetings. It will take good notes even if the people are speaking quickly.

Solid Performance and Reliability

Not all video conferencing tools are created equal. Only few have been designed to offer professional conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting. They have superior features that will guarantee solid performance and reliability.

HD videos

High quality videos and audios are extremely important for any online meeting. Nothing ruins a professional meeting than bad audios and videos. It can be so upsetting to prepare very well for your meetings then you discover everybody can’t hear or see you well.

See and be seen clearly with GoToMeeting high quality instant video option. You can join a meeting using your desktop or your mobile device. The software only requires your webcam and internet connection.

Clear Audio

All GoToMeeting plans have computer audio (VoIP).  This lets you haveonline meetings withgreat audios. The company also provide phone numbers which can be used by your coworkers who do not have internet connection.

Video Conferencing Tips to make sure you have a solid performance

When video conferencing, make sure your Wi-Fi is strong. If you are using an external webcam, double check it to make sure it is working properly. Take time zone into account when conducting your meeting especially if your participants comes from different countries.

GoToMeeting Pricing Overview

price tag

It is worth noting that GoToMeeting comes with a 2 weeks free trial with up to 250 participants. There is a free trial so you can see the value that you will get after buying the software.

This will alleviate all the doubts you had with GoToMeeting and you can decide if it’s the right tool for your business or not.

2 Pricing Plans

This tool is sold in 2 plans. There is Professional plan that hosts 150 participants. It costs $12 per month. The second plan is Business and hosts up to 250 participants. It costs $16 per month.

If you want to host more than 1000 participant, contact the company and you can get a custom package.

All plans comes with the following features:

  • Create and host a webinar
  • Personal meeting room
  • Create unlimited online meetings
  • Dial in Conference Line
  • HD Video
  • Business messaging
  • Call Me
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software integrations
  • Business messaging
  • Downloadable admin reports
  • Screen sharing
  • Unlimited recording and transcribing
  • Voice commands with Siri and many more

The professional plan is perfect for small businesses and organization. For up to 250 participants, take the Business plan.


Unlimited Recording and Transcribing

GoToMeeting is your 1 stop shop for all your online meeting and webinar needs. GoToMeeting provides you with unlimited recording forall of your online meeting. This feature is extremely useful to companies that wish to keep records for future meetings as a reminder of past events.

Additionally, the records can provide information to people who did not attend the meeting.

Create and Host unlimited Webinars

Create and host unlimited webinars with GoToMeeting. You will find webinars useful in showcasing new or difficult to understand products, selling software, sharing valuable information, training, creating onboarding videos, just to name a few.

Helps to draw your attendees’ Attention

This software comes with engagement tools such as polls,chats and drawing tool to capture attention of your participants. The drawing tool will be useful in your presentation to emphasize important points while the polls will keep your participants engaged.

Host unlimited online meetings

This is one of the best video conference tools. It comes with great features to organize meetings for people in different geographical locations. One of them is screen sharing. This feature allows your participants to see what you are presenting in real time.

Start or attend Online Meeting from any Device

Join a meeting easily from your computer, smart phone, a Linux computer, Tablet, or even a Mac.  This is because GoToMeeting is compatible with almost all operating systems.


  • It lacks advanced webinar features
  • Its webinar prices are a bit pricy
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