GoToWebinar Review | How To Increase Your Business Presence Online With This Software

GoToWebinar is one of the premiere webinar software products that enables your sales team to connect with clients all over the world easily with just one click. GoToWebinar is the sister product of GoToMeeting and is built to scale and support larger groups of attendees to your webinar, compared to just simple team collaboration.

Is your company looking to get noticed and take your business to the next level? Millions of webinars each year are hosted on GoToWebinar as a way to increase sales and marketing efforts, encourage team collaboration and training, and adopting large-scale corporate communications and messaging.

Our latest GoToWebinar review will show you what you need to know to host a webinar on GoToWebinar and grow your business presence online. If you are interested in learning more about other software products that can increase your team's productive, you can check out more webinar tools we reviewed here.

What is a webinar?

A webinar, as the name suggests, is a seminar conducted over the Internet, or Web. "Web" plus "Seminar" equals "Webinar". You can think of a webinar as a video workshop, lecture, or prsentation that is hosted online on the Internet using webinar software such as GoToWebinar, or another similar software described in our Easy Webinar review.

The ease of use and value for money of GoToWebinar make it an excellent choice for different corporate organizations regardless of company size. These webinars can offer a user friendly way for even a small business to host a live webinar to hundreds or thousands of potential attendees by sharing knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world.

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GoToWebinar, a premiere webinar platform for hosting webinars, allows us to connect with audiences around the world by building and nurturing relationships, building authority, growing a brand, and demonstrating and showcasing a product to a wide range of attendees simultaneously.

A wide range of industries such as information technology and services, mechanical or industrial engineering, hospital health care, financial services, real estate, and consulting all utilize GoToWebinar as their computer software of choice in their company to use when training and on-boarding new staff or generating customer leads.

What is special about GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar has a use interface that is vey intuitive and easy to use. Once you are logged in to the platform, it is easy to find all the necessary tools you need to host a webinar. Such functionality such as mute/unmute, video on/off, and raising your hand all help to engage with your webinar attendees and audience.

These convenient built-in features allow for you to focus on your webinar presentation without needing to worry about interruptions in the background or other disturbances by other members of the audience attending your webinar.

Because GoToWebinar is simple to use, many companies around the world choose to use GoToWebinar to host their webinars for different business meetings. Many company executives choose to use GoToWebinar as their software product of choice for recorded webinars when sending past webinars to potential clients who have missed the original webinar date. In addition, GoToWebinar provides a great way for marketing training of new sales teams members.

Pros versus Cons of GoToWebinar

Many GoToWebinar reviews around the Internet agree that the software's ease of use make it one of the leading webinar platforms to consider. Although there are some GoToWebinar alternatives, our review shows that the pros and cons of the GoToWebinar software suite is suitable to a wider user base that like a consistently high-quality product.


  • Webinar registration is easy to use and straightforward.
  • Excellent tiered plans as options to suit your company needs.
  • Features and tools are perfect for different company sizes.
  • User experience and user interface is easy to understand


  • There is a time limit for hosting webinars on the free tiered plan.
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What are some useful GoToWebinar features?

Record all of your webinar sessions.

As webinar host, organizers can record any meeting session and then store the webinar recording for attendees to view at a later time. Both the presenter's screen share and audio of the webinar will be shared in the recorded webinar session.

Add co-organizers to your webinar to help facilitate the meeting.

You can make other attendees or staff as co-organizers to the webinar. This allows co-organizers to have the same tools and features in a meeting as you do as the original organizer. Features like drawing tools and real-time attendee management are commonly used features that many people who host webinars frequently utilize time and time again.

Allow for dial-in phone audio option for your meetings.

As a GoToWebinar user with a paid subscription plan, your built-in audio options automatically include long distance (toll) phone numbers for over 30 countries. This is a great option for video conferencing when the number of attendees vary in their location and internet connection stability.

Install the desktop application of GoTo Webinar to use additional useful tools.

The full-feature desktop software on your Windows and MacOS computer offers the most functionality and options for tools that you would like to see and customize. One easy-to-set tool that a growing company might like using is the shared keyboard/mouse control when web conferencing.

Enable hosting meetings longer than the 40 minutes.

Don't limit yourself to only 40 minutes with just the free option. GoToWebinar offers an amazing webinar solution with its paid subscription plans allow you to host meetings as long as you might need. Make sure to review the number of attendees and review the time allotted for the webinar accordingly, so you do not get logged off unexpectedly.

Get 24/7 instant customer support help

If you have any additional questions about GoToWebinar's advanced features, feel free to contact their customer support page. Their customer support offers one of the best customer service experiences in providing feedback and answers to your questions.

Also, check for GoToWebinar's social media webpages to keep up-to-date with the latest features and other important announcements.

Is GoToWebinar free to use?

GoToWebinar offers a "Free" plan that lets users get started with quick and easy online meetings. Our review finds that the free plan allows you to collaborate with coworkers or friends using high-quality screen sharing, webcams, VoIP audio (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and chat messaging in one web-based session on your web browser without needing to download the desktop application.

This GoToWebinar Free plan is a free subscription that is the most basic plan as an option of GoToWebinar's different tiered plans. Therefore, some of the most useful meeting features and other functionality is not available. If you really like using GoToWebinar, it might be a good idea to host live webinars on the GoToWebinar platform using one of its upgraded paid plans.

How much does GoToWebinar cost?

The GoToWebinar pricing comes in a variety of tiered plans to meet your webinar hosting needs for any company size.

According to our review, GoToWebinar offers great value for money 4 with its excellent customer service and an intuitive user interface. There are 4 main tiered plans to choose from.

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Monthly Pricing: $59.00/month

Annual Pricing: $49.00/year (Save 17%)

Maximum Attendees: 100 Participants

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Monthly Pricing: $129.00/month

Annual Pricing: $99.00/year (Save 23%)

Maximum Attendees: 250 Participants

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Monthly Pricing: $249.00/month

Annual Pricing: $199.00/year (Save 20%)

Maximum Attendees: 500 Participants

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Monthly Pricing: $499.00/month

Annual Pricing: $399.00/year (Save 20%)

Maximum Attendees: 3,000 Participants

You can also start a free trial with GoToWebinar. After your free trial expires after 14 days, you must purchase a GoToWebinar subscription to continue as a GoToWebinar organizer.

How do I download GoToWebinar?

Attendees can join a GoToWebinar hosted webinar from a wide range of different platforms and devices. For example, if an attendee is not near a desktop computer or laptop computer, there is an option to join the webinar by tablet or mobile device.

Attendees of a GoToWebinar webinar must download the GoToWebinar Android app, iPhone app, or Windows mobile app in order to join on mobile.

If an attendee is using a desktop computer or laptop computer, then just visit the GoToWebinar official website to download the desktop application. GoToWebinar supports both Windows and MacOS operating systems to suit different computers.


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