How to Set up Donations on Twitch | Tips For Increasing Your Streaming Revenue

Knowing how to set up donations on twitch will be extremely important if you are at all interested in making money from your streaming endeavors. A large portion of the money that streamers make come from the donations that they receive from their viewers. Another way to increase your streaming revenue is through gameplay recording. If you are going to be recording gameplay and streaming, then you will want to know which streaming software is best.

How to Set up Donations on Twitch the Right Way

The question of how to get donations on twitch or how to set up donations on twitch isn’t just a simple answer of “setting up a twitch donations button.” There are a lot of ways that you can set up donations on Twitch. That answer to the question is very varied and you can get donations through many different methods, which means the question needs to be narrowed. 

If you prefer to handle your online currency through paypal, then you should ask how to setup twitch donations with paypal. If you prefer to use a third-party program then you might ask how to set up donations on Twitch streamlabs. You might prefer the safety and surety of using Twitch’s proprietary donation system, especially for a bigger Twitch audience, even if they take a fee, so you will want to know how to enable donations on twitch and how much does twitch take from donations. Also read our comparison with Mixer on this topic.

How do Twitch donations work?

The simplest answer for “how to add donations on twitch?” is to use Twitch’s proprietary “Bits” system for your donations. The first thing you need to know regarding bits is that you can only access them if you are a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Viewers on Twitch can purchase Bits directly from Twitch and then use them to “Cheer” in your stream. You earn 1 cent for every 1 Bit that is used to cheer in your stream. These are essentially donations twitch just calls them something else for marketing purposes.

How to setup Donations on Twitch?

So, now that you know of several different ways that you can receive donations, we should tackle the question of how to add donations to twitch. Learning how to setup twitch donations can be a bit complicated, depending on which donation source you are attempting to setup. If you are using the Bits system to set up twitch donations, then it is as easy as enabling them once you become a partner or affiliate. 

If you are using any other system then it is going to get a little complex, so bear with me. The first thing you will want to do is add a donate button. Once you have a donate button, you should attach it to your donation method of choice. This makes setting up donations on twitch very easy, but those two steps are separated into even more steps.

Adding a Donate button

When you are learning how to set up twitch donations, the first thing you will want to do is add a donate button so people can easily pull up the donation interface. The easier it is for people to donate to your stream, the more likely it is that they will choose to do so. The first thing you need for a donate button is some kind of link to your donation system. That could be a link or your cryptocurrency wallet.

Either way, once you have a link to use, you can create an image to display as the donation button. Then you just have to add those two things to the donation section of your Twitch page and when your viewers click on your donation image, it will act just like the link would and take them to wherever you have directed them.

twitch logo and donate button

How to setup Twitch donations with/without PayPal?

There are two ways to direct your viewers to donate using PayPal. You can simply make a donation section on your twitch page that displays the email that your PayPal account is attached to so that your viewers can donate directly to your email. Most people don't want to hand out their email to a bunch of random people though, so instead, you could create a link and put it inside the donation section, or just tell your viewers about it while you are streaming.

If you prefer not to use PayPal, then you can use cryptocurrencies by linking your viewers directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. This can be displayed in the same ways that a link can be, either by linking to it in your donation section on your twitch page or by telling people about it through your stream.

Streamlabs Donation & Other donation methods

Another answer to the question of, "how do i set up donations on twitch?” is to use Streamlabs’s donation service. Simply go to the donation settings section of Streamlabs and change the settings to reflect how you want to handle donations. It is recommended that you set a minimum donation amount so that your stream doesn’t get spammed by very low donation amounts, which could be very distracting.

You can connect several different kinds of payment options to this donation system and it also works with PayPal if you would rather use that through Streamlabs than through the link or email methods.

How to encourage your Twitch viewers to donate?

It can be nerve-wracking, learning how to stream on twitch, how to set up donations, and how to accept donations on twitch. That said, figuring out how to receive donations on twitch is a crucial step in making streaming a lucrative process. There are several things you can do to increase the chances of viewers donating.

Stay Consistent

Keep your streaming schedule as consistent as possible. If you are streaming daily, at the same time every day, then you are more likely to get return viewers. Over time, you will develop camaraderie and loyalty from your viewers and this will encourage them to help support you and the content you are making.

Stick to your genre

Unless you are planning to be a variety streamer, you should stick to whatever genre you designate for your stream. It might annoy viewers if they come to see you play video games, and you tell them that you are going to be gaming, but when they show up you are doing something else like playing music or doing some kind of craft.

Connect to your audience

Be personable. If people like you then they are more likely to want to get a gift for you. It is much like the process of making friends, I always find myself wanting to help my friends any way that I can and a lot of people feel the same way. If your viewers can relate to you, then they will be more comfortable and generous with you.

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