How to Stream on Mixer | Tips & Tricks You Need to Learn

Just because Twitch is popular doesn’t mean that you have to stream there to be successful. There are a lot of Twitch alternatives out there that could potentially be even better for your streaming career, like Mixer! Learning How to Stream on Mixer might seem daunting at first, but it is pretty easy. Let me tell you more about it below! Taking the time to record your gameplay can provide several methods for increasing the revenue of your stream. Another helpful tip is to check out streaming software reviews and make sure you are using the right one for your stream.

How to Stream on Mixer

Figuring out How to Stream on Mixer is much easier than it sounds. There are several ways to set up a mixer stream. You can use the mixer xbox app if you want to start mixer streaming from your xbox console. The mixer app will make it extremely easy for you to set up your stream and start broadcasting right away.

If you prefer to stream from your PC then you can do it from the Mixer website using some broadcasting software. This is a little bit more involved than the xbox mixer setup but still fairly simple. Whether you decide to stream from your xbox or your pc, you are going to need a mixer account.

After you create your account the rest of the setup process is as simple or complex as you want it to be. It depends on what kind of functionality you want your stream to have. The Mixer application has plenty of support for a lot of different functions without needing to do anything else from here, so you could broadcast with default Mixer functions.

You could also use broadcasting software to provide further control of your stream and manage all of the little details until everything is exactly as you want it. Which one you decide to go with is entirely up to your preferences, which is why the setup of your mixer live stream is as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Creating an account

You can start creating your mixer live streaming account by going to the mixer sign up page. You can find it at the top of the Mixer website on the right side of the screen in the corner. After clicking on that button a window will appear that provides an option to sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account then you will have to create one, but it only takes a few minutes and then you are ready to go.

This account creation process is quick and very simple to complete. Once you are done with it you immediately gain access to the mixer application, which is completely free. 

If you are on Xbox or PC, it does not matter, you could theoretically start streaming immediately because Mixer is built into the operating system for both devices.

Some people like to use streaming software to provide further functionality to their streams, but it is not required. You could start streaming immediately and Mixer has a lot of functions that other streaming platforms do not have built directly into its broadcasts.

Creating account on Mixer

Broadcasting from Windows 10

You do not have to be a mixer pro to stream from Windows 10. If you already have a Microsoft account then you are already half of the way done with setting up your stream. Windows 10 is made by Microsoft and so is Mixer, so naturally, they have made them compatible with each other. This means that mixer streamers that stream from Windows 10 devices will have an exceptionally easy time broadcasting their content to the internet.

Getting started

The first thing you have to do is get your mixer account situated. Once that task is complete it is as simple as picking a game to play and starting your broadcast with the Game Bar, a Windows 10 built-in feature. All you have to do is select “broadcast” and your computer should start streaming your game to Mixer right away. This can be done using keyboard shortcuts, or by directly interacting with the Game Bar itself. 

Holding down the Windows Key (between CTRL and ALT on the left side of your keyboard, most likely), the ALT key, and pressing the B key on your keyboard should immediately bring up the broadcasting tool and from there you can start your broadcast as well as adjust settings. If you already have your broadcast set up to your liking, then you should be able to hold down the Windows Key and press G key to bring up the Game Bar and start the broadcast without the broadcast fool.

If you prefer to do things manually or do not want to remember those shortcuts, then you can just bring either of those systems up by opening the start menu and using the search bar to find them. Once they are up on your screen it should be pretty easy to see where those options are and start your stream. There is no need to direct your computer to stream on Mixer or anything like that. Because you are streaming from a Windows 10 device, it should automatically start your stream on Mixer without any issues.

You may need a few tweaks first

Using the default settings is a good way to get started streaming very quickly, but they aren’t going to be for everyone. It is possible, and very likely, that there are things about the default settings you won’t like. In which case, you will want to open the broadcast settings using the broadcasting tool I mentioned earlier or manipulate them from the gaming section on your Windows Settings menu. 

You can find these settings by right-clicking the start menu and going to settings, then selecting the Gaming section which should appear with a little Xbox symbol next to it. Once you are on this menu there should be several new sections to look through and adjust for the best streaming performance, but the one you are most interested in is "Broadcasting."

Inside of the broadcasting section you will find options for adjusting the quality of the audio your computer records and broadcasts while you are streaming, what devices it will pull audio from and broadcast, or even whether it will record and broadcast audio at all. You can also adjust what it will use for a camera and other video sources and several other settings that you should take a look at before you start streaming.

How to stream on Mixer directly from the Xbox One

Streaming to Mixer from an Xbox console is extremely easy. While you are playing whatever game you are trying to stream, you can just open the guide and start broadcasting immediately with no further setup. This does not provide a lot of options for customization, but it does get you broadcasting gameplay in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Alternatively, you could adjust your broadcast settings from the Xbox settings menu. You can do this by opening the settings, going to Preferences, and then opening the Broadcast & capture settings. There aren’t a lot of options available to adjust here, but you can enable or disable microphone use and enable or disable broadcasting functionality. If you absolutely didn’t want your device to stream under any circumstances, this is where you would go to turn that functionality off. That said, you will want it enabled if you do want to broadcast.

If you do want to adjust some settings then all you have to do is get into the game you want to stream, then hit the Xbox button to bring up the toolbar on the side of your screen. From there, just select the Broadcast option and adjust the settings to your liking. You can change things like whether you want to use a microphone to chat with your viewers, if you want your viewers to be able to hear your party chat, turning your camera on or off, and enabling or disabling the chat function of your stream.

How to stream on Mixer using OBS

The first thing you should do if you are planning to use OBS Studio to stream on Mixer is download the OBS Studio from its website. Once you have that done and it is properly installed you can open it up and go to the settings section. In the settings, you want to go to the Stream section and change a few options.

  • Make sure that the “Stream Type” is set to “Streaming Services.
  • Ensure that the “Service” is set to “ – FTL”
  • You may also want to consider connecting OBS Studio to your mixer account so that it will automatically use all of the data from your stream without you having to input it all manually.
  • Alternatively, you could input that data yourself and use a “Stream Key” to connect OBS Studio to your Mixer stream, which is also a valid option.
  • Usually, you will want to make sure that the server is showing "Auto (Recommended)", but you might also want to change that to something specific if you are having troubles with your stream.
  • For those that don’t want to link their Mixer account to OBS Studio, you will have to connect them using a Stream Key. This key does not change and is used to identify your stream to any streaming software, so if you give this key to someone else then they will be able to stream to your Mixer account whenever they want. DO NOT hand out your stream key to just anyone. Preferably, keep it to yourself and never tell anyone else what it is.
  • You can find your stream key on Mixer’s webpage in the Broadcast Dashboard. If you click on your account avatar in the top-right corner and go to the dashboard, Mixer will ask you if you want to stream and then provide your key. All you have to do is copy that stream key and then paste it into OBS Studio in the appropriate location.

Now that you have altered the correct settings in the Stream tab, you’ll want to change to the output tab and ensure that you are using the appropriate bitrate for your stream. Once those settings have been changed you are all set and ready to start streaming.

How to stream on Mixer using XSplit

Streaming on Mixer using the XSplit software is essentially the same as using OBS studio, but you are guided through the process using a setup wizard, so you don’t have to find anything yourself. All you have to do is go to the Broadcast settings -> Set up a new output, and then select Mixer as the option you want to stream to. From there it is a simple matter of following the on-screen instructions to get your stream started.

Broadcasting other consoles to Mixer

There are a couple of ways you can broadcast other consoles to Mixer but be forewarned that if you had dreams of streaming to mixer on ps4, it is going to be complicated and a bit of a pain to make them come true.

It is a bit complicated, but you can stream other consoles to Mixer by using capture cards that connect your console to your computer. Once the two are connected you will need to download some streaming and broadcasting software and then manually connect that software to your Mixer stream and also tell the software to pull video and audio from your capture card.

Make use of that extra video import!

You can use your Xbox One to stream other gaming consoles' gameplay to Mixer. You can start setting this up by connecting the device to your Xbox console using the HDMI pass-through port on the back. Once you have connected your device you can enable the OneGuide option and that will start streaming your other console's data to your Xbox.

Now that that is set up, you have to get on a Windows 10 PC and connect it to your Xbox remotely. This can be done through the Xbox app and once you are connected you should start streaming. Once this is done you should be able to see the other console’s data on your computer screen inside of the Xbox application.

Then, starting your broadcast is as simple as opening the game bar and starting it the same way you would with any other game on your Windows computer just like I mentioned earlier in this guide.

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