Powtoon Review | A Powerful Tool for Awesome Video Presentations

Powtoon is a powerful tool for video presentations that is effective for personal, business, and educational use. Instantly familiar feeling and easy to use, you won’t want to go back to your old apps. Powtoon is engaging and keeps your audience’s attention with

You get video and text communications and video presentation features all in one app. Intuitive and professional, yet simple to use with its drag and drop items features, Powtoon is one of the best presentation software products. This short introduction is just the start. Read our full review and try this efficient application for yourself.

Powtoon Review - All the Best Features Explained in Detail

Powtoons’s interface allows for beginners to experts to create top quality and appealing presentations in little to no time. Some of the ways that they’ve done this are by enabling individuals to drag and drop items, import and export not just images, video, and audio, but also datasets. All of the templates are customizable. If you can use a computer, you can use Powtoons.

Powtoon features


  • Easy to use
  • It includes several templates which are ready to use
  • The updates happen automatically
  • You can take out old items to put in new ones and still use the same animations


  • It uses a lot of power on your computer
  • There are bugs in the programming at times

Powtoon Features 

Easy to use

You can get professional results in an incredibly short amount of time with the drag and drop feature mentioned above. If you are having a rough day or forgot a deadline and have to put something together quickly, Powtoon has you covered between its ease of use and its ready-made templates.


One of the most beloved features of PowToon is the fact that you can integrate it into all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. This makes it an ideal tool to get your professionally appealing videos spread across the internet.

You can upload a link to your social media platforms or even perform webinars through your website. Live webinars open up the door for you to do training or many other events and collaborations.

Your media

Not only can you integrate your videos onto major platforms, but you can integrate your media into your videos, from other video clips, or images, to voice recordings and GIFs. This makes PowToon an ideal tool for anyone who’s looking to not only be professional but to also be original.

Library of Templates and Images

So, you want a professional and quality looking presentations, but you do not have any templates, images, or props? That’s okay. 

Powtoon has a sizeable library of top-notch templates, soundtracks, text options, and images among many other things necessary for making this your go-to platform for video creation.


Powtoon offers a free version of their services which limits video quality to standard definition, with 100MB of video storage. Alternatively, their PRO version of their services offers 2GB of storage for video and audio, with high definition quality. 

Finally, they offer a higher tier of paid service which includes 10GB of video storage. To top all of this off, all of their plans are royalty-free, which means that you get to keep whatever money you make off your videos.

Collaboration and Communication  

Communication within Powtoon is simple and straightforward. It includes all the basics – like call forwarding, caller ID, instant messaging, conference calling, and basic chat features.

This allows you to collaborate with your business partners or whoever you are sharing your presentations with from afar with ease. Screen sharing and content management are simple, even with several people conference call to view the presentation. This allows for professional viewing and sharing every step of the way.

Data Storage

Your data storage is secure with Powtoon, and you can safely import and export your video presentation. We all like to feel more secure with our data, and Powtoon’s two-factor authentication feature adds that extra measure of security.

How Do You Use Powtoon?

Your bright idea

If you are not familiar with Powtoon at this point, take some time and get to know the libraries of images and templates it has to offer before jumping in. You might see something that will help jump-start your ideas.

You’ll want to make sure that you have a great idea that you want to convey using Powtoon. Perhaps you have some video clips, audio, or some images that you want to incorporate into your presentation. If so, get them ready by moving them to an easy to find a location, such as your desktop.

Select a template

Once you’ve logged in, and started a new video, you’ll want to find a template. Powtoon has a vast library of templates to search from and choose the one that is right for you. Alternatively, you can take a whack at making your video without a premade template and just go with what feels best for you.


Your color scheme and font choices can make your presentation go from childish to professional quickly, so do be careful about your choices here. Be mindful of your audience when choosing your theme, as they are who you want to impress. 

Children will love bright colors and bubbly fonts, while a strict business environment may prefer Times New Roman and black and white.   

Adjust times

Whatever you choose to use in your video, but sure to adjust the timeframes for each item. You can do this by adjusting the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to change how long items appear in the video.

Pick a font

One of the neat things about Powtoon is that you can incorporate text features. Use this to your advantage and capitalize on the various ways that you can engage your audience. Pick a font that fits best with what you’re trying to convey. 

The way that you incorporate text is by adding in a textbox. This is where you’ll eventually write what you want. Whether you choose to use paragraphs, and bullet points, is entirely up to you. Keep in mind the theme and fonts, as mentioned above.

Powtoon capture

Expertise Not Required

You might think that you need to be a software expert to make the type of animated presentations that you see online, but with Powtoon, expertise is not required. 

You can do it all yourself without having one made for you for some expensive price. All you need to do is figure out the beginning steps to creating a Powtoon, which is as easy to create as a PowerPoint presentation once you get started.

Starting from Scratch

You have a lot of options when it comes to your available templates on Powtoon, but you can also easily create a Powtoon from scratch if you have a specific idea in mind. Just start with a blank canvas and pick a look that you’d like to create. Keep all of your text and characters consistent as the studio leads you to the blank stage to get started.

Just click around in the Powtoon studio to add in the features that you want. If you’re having a little trouble, you can go through some step-by-step tutorials on how to add in more features that you want specifically for your project.

Simple Steps

To get started with some simple Powtoon creations, you can begin with a script. A script is what will happen in every scene, and once you have yours, you can add to it, shorten it, and figure out where you want all the pauses.

That means that you can also get started with any voicing you want to do, and add in background music. Look into recording your voice yourself, or use an online text to voice software. From here, you can divide your slides for the script, add in your graphics, and give your presentation some visual flare before you have it done in time to present.

Getting Started and Learning Powtoon

You know the basic steps of getting started with a Powtoon. Now let’s go more in detail about what tools you have available to you and what you need to know to understand the software.

Building Powtoons

First off, you should know that the area where you build your scene is on the stage. Then you can look to the side panel, which will let you add, delete, and duplicate slides. 

You can also look over to the timeline so that you know what the timing of your items on the slide is and can coordinate how you would like your end presentation to look.

This can be done with the sound control panel too, along with the tabs and stage tools.

Powtoon Timeline

No matter what you do, remember that the Powtoon workspace is your personalized workspace, and you can use it to create whatever you want based on your preferences. This means that you can customize it for your specific needs.

My Space

Not Myspace as in the old social media system, but My Space, as in the space where all of your ideas sit and wait for you to engage with them. This is one part of the workspace that’s made specifically to work with you. Take a look at it to see the multiple blocks in it. Those blocks each represent a goal for your Powtoon, all of which are customized from your preferences when you sign up. You can always customize this space manually by clicking on the “Customize” button.

Top Bars

If you’re looking for a place to find everything while you’re working, take a look at the top bar, which includes the quick menu, your Powtoons, Studio Mode, and edit option, and the help option too in case you get stuck somewhere. This is where everything will be whenever you need it.

Top bar capture

Fun and Easy to Use

Powtoon is made to be easy to use, so once you learn the ropes, it’s not hard to get into more complicated pieces of software like adding in your own voice to the characters. Well, none of it is necessarily complicated, since you can easily create something amazing in such a short amount of time. Meanwhile, the people watching will think that you spent tons of time putting it together.

For instance, you can get started using one of the available templates if you happen to be a little short on time. These are professional templates, and are made to be easy to navigate so that you can drive the message home for anyone watching.

The Fun Part

You’re stressing about your next meeting, which is definitely not fun, but building a professional-looking Powtoon is. The animations are made to keep people’s attention, which means that all your hard work will never go to waste. People will pay attention to the movement and animations of the slides, which you can change up and emphasize to keep people interested.

Pitching Your Point

It’s easy to make your pitch using a Powtoon. That’s because you have a lot of elements in it like visual, audio, and more dynamic movement than usual slide transitions. Thanks to this, you can even use Powtoon to create a video for your home page.


Let’s talk more about your scenes and timelines, which are integral parts of creating your Powtoon. The timeline is made to be a visual representation of the timing of all objects on your slide. When you use the timeline then, you can control the timing of what’s going on in your presentation.


Take a look at the time indicator and the playhead, both of which are features of the timeline. The playhead can be used for inserting something at a specific time while you continue to view the slide at the same time. This means that you’re able to check out what the changes you make look like right away.

The time indicator will help with that too. You can check out the duration of your slides and the entire Powtoon. When you think you’ve got the timing right, you can click play, and if there are any problems, the slide duration controls can help you change the timing by one second. All you have to do is add or reduce a second with just a click.

Just remember that by default, the duration of the Powtoon slide is 10 seconds, and can be increased to a maximum of 20 seconds.

Adding Time

When you’re adding seconds, all you have to do is position the playhead above the slide you want to add or subtract time to or from. It will let you know how many seconds you have. Just adjust your seconds to what you want and take a look to see if it’s what you want.

Export Functionalities

Many of us want to export our presentations either when we’re working on them or once we’re done, either to work on them together as a term or to share them with others. It’s fairly easy to export your Powtoons, since you only need to click on the “Export” button to get it to go for the first time. You can then go to the “Manage Exports” tab. Using that download link, you can export it to anyone you’d like.


The first time you export your Powtoon, rest assured that you will be shown a preview of your presentation. You can check over all your details before you send it along in whatever format you’d like.

Manage Exports

From this tab, you can do a few other things with your exports too. Check on the date to see when you’ve exported what, and take a look at where you exported your Powtoon to. You can then click the link to publish your Powtoon in any format, or download it to your computer.


You can actually share your Powtoon on social media as well. All you need to do is click on the “Share” tab to get it published. You can also check on the “Share” tab to find the embed code of your Powtoon. This is very similar to many other websites that have multiple export formats.

Powtoon Pricing Overview

You can use Powtoon for free, but if you’re trying to use it for business, you’ll want to check into the paid plans that will provide you with more options for your Powtoons, both for the creation and for exporting.

Monthly and Annual

First off, know that you can choose to pay for your plan monthly, or you can pay ahead for an annual price. Just choose your preference before you get started on signing up.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is made to be either $19 a month or $228 per year. This plan gives you access to five premium exports per month, 2 GB of storage, and access to both Pro and free content. Essentially, you’ll have a lot of options with what you can do for a lower price per month.

Pro Plus

The Pro+ pan clocks in as $58 per month or $708 per year. With this plan, your premium exports will be unlimited, you will have 10 GB of storage, and will be able to access all content without any problem. This type of plan is for real professionals.


And now we have the Agency plan, which is $99 a month or $1188 per year, making it one of the more expensive plans. This plan is made more for businesses, since you have unlimited premium exports, access to all content, 3rd-party reseller rights, 100 GB of storage, and the ability to upload even custom fonts.


Yes, there is the option to use Powtoon for free. You do not have to pay to use it, but remember that if you use the free option, you will only have access to the free content, and will only have 100 MB of storage. Powtoon branding will be included on everything you create as well.

All Plans

No matter what plan you choose though, you will be able to Download your Powtoon as an MP4 file, and can make use of full HD video of 1080p for all of your presentations. You will also have full privacy over your content, and commercial rights to whatever you create. If you ever have any problems too, the 24/7 support is available to everyone regardless of your plan.


  • The real question is what real users are saying about using Powtoon. Well, rest assured that Powtoon really is easy to use. It should only take you about 20 minutes to get started, and maybe an hour to gain some advanced proficiency in all the features.
  • If you’re in a rush, Powtoon is a great option too. It includes several templates which are ready to use, and built-in assets like animated avatars, objects, short videos, graphics, and so on. Really, there’s everything you could need right there. Even the updates happen automatically, so you never need to worry about doing any of it yourself.
  • It helps that it’s easy to switch out features of your existing presentations as well. If you’re taking a look at some of your old presentations, know that you can take out old items to put in new ones and still use the same animations.


  • One thing you should know though is that Powtoon is cloud-based, so it will end up using a lot of power on your computer. You might notice that your computer gets hot when you’re using Powtoon for a while then, and that some of your typing might lag thanks to how much power your computer was using.
  • There are bugs in the programming too at times, which means that your items may move to the wrong place sometimes, or you might have to click multiple times. This is generally a minor annoyance, but if you’re rushing to get it done or if you’ve been working for a while, you might find yourself getting more frustrated over time.
  • Like this, you might find that building your presentations take longer than anticipated, but if the final product comes out like you imagined, you may find that you don’t mind too much.