Prezi Reviews | A Reliable Presentation Software With All the Cool Features You Need

There are many options out there for presentation software, but none are quite like Prezi. That’s why this simple online presentation tool has become increasingly popular, especially thanks to how creative it can be. Don’t let the creativity and smooth transitions fool you though, because Prezi sets itself apart as a professional presentation tool that allows anyone to use slides, videos, and animations to reach your audience. Your audience won’t ever be bored either, not when you have the ability to really grab their attention with this unique tool.

Prezi Reviews and Buying Guide

If you use Prezi well, you can really make something unique and cinematic. Not only that, but with these features, you can pull your audience in. With so many features though, you might feel a little lost, so let’s do a quick overview of one of the best presentation software tools out there.

Prezi software


  • It incorporates animation as part of the presentation in a unique way
  • Always available online
  • It creates impressive presentations
  • Simple importing the slides


  • Occasionally distracting
  • Offline Disadvantages

Overview of Prezi Features

Sizing and Visuals

The visual aspect of Prezi is what makes it unique. You have the ability to size different parts of your presentation to emphasize what you want people to remember and what you think isn’t as important. Not only will this help you keep track of what you’re saying, but this will help anyone listening to you to more easily understand your main points.

This is especially true thanks to the way Prezi works. It allows you to zoom into certain pieces of your presentations, it lets you pan out, and you can even zoom from left to right. Really, you have total control of all your images and details from font size to angles, and can even use templates that are readily available when you log in.


It can be difficult to remember which project you’re doing or what needs to be done next, which is where Prezi’s timeline feature comes in. This feature will keep you aware of what’s coming next and what still needs to be done.


One of the best features of Prezi is how much choice you have when you get down to it. You can add your own background image, can share it with everyone on the internet or within your group, and can access it from any device.

You can even present using Prezi if you’re not directly with that person, since you can present to an Android phone while you’re on call with that person. You have a lot of choices when it comes to Prezi, which is part of why it’s so unique.

Presenting With Prezi

When you present with Prezi, there are a few unique presentation features that ensure you’ll be able to have something professional and good-looking. For example, you can use ALT and B when you’re presenting to turn the screen black for just a second. If your presentation ever becomes too distracting, this puts your audience’s attention back on you.

Prezi templates

Basic Presentation Tools

It’s actually quite simple to present with Prezi. All you really need to do is click from Edit Mode to Present Mode, where all your tools will disappear and you’ll just be left with your presentation. It’s as simple as clicking into “present” and pressing “escape” to get out of it.

From the presentation mode, you only need to click your back and forth arrows to go along the path you’ve set. If you see any issues that need to be fixed before you make the official presentation, all you need to do is back out of it and fix it up.


You do not need to be connected to the internet to present with Prezi. Just download the desktop app to present without the internet, although you will need internet to play any videos you have.

Navigation Tips

If you want to move through your presentation with greater ease, just navigate through the presentation by clicking on the topic or subtopic. You can even use the mouse’s scroll wheel and the touchpad to zoom in and out. Really, this means that you can move from topic to topic without much more than moving your finger.


It’s very simple to present then, with a very small learning curve. Once you’ve figured out how to do it, you won’t need to even think about it to go from place to place in your presentation.

Simple But Great PowerPoint Alternative

When most people think about making a presentation, their minds go right to PowerPoint. If you’re looking for a PowerPoint alternative though, Prezi is a great option. It doesn’t rely on traditional slides, but it does make usage of creative methods to give your presentation a unique spin.

Different Look

Prezi provides you with a completely different look to your presentations. 

Prezi features

You have the ability to zoom in and out to show the relationships between details and to emphasize the parts of your presentation that you want people to pay attention to. It’s more of a visual map than other presentation tools, and allows you to interact more with both your audience and with your own work.


You have a lot of options when you use Prezi, especially since you can choose from about 100 templates to build your presentation with. Make frames that you can zoom in and out on, and share your Prezi with up to 10 people—all of whom can work on one Prezi at once.


You can use Prezi with lots of people, but beyond the shareability, you’ll probably appreciate how uncluttered the entire system is. It’s made to be easy to use, meaning that all you have to do is drag and drop different items from place to place.

You can even use it on any device or computer. No matter what computer you have or what device you’re using your Prezi on, you can access it, since it’s completely compatible. It’s great that it’s completely free to use as well, or you can add a premium plan that has a cost per month depending on what you need in terms of presentations. Either way, you’ll find that this presentation builder is easy to use, and definitely not much more difficult to learn than the traditional PowerPoint. 

Exponential Improvement for the Slides to Elaborate

Easy Slide Alteration

With Prezi’s recent improvements, it’s easier than ever to alter and customize slides. Even if you import them from an existing PowerPoint, you can use Prezi to personalize the slides. You can change entire layouts with only a few clicks, and save palettes that you plan on using for later presentations. 

Seamless File Transfer

While many presentation programs make it difficult, if not impossible to import slides from another program, it’s a different story with Prezi. If you already have a Powerpoint presentation, just choose to import it, and get started. You can even pick which slides to include, and use the drag and drop functions to group them as a topic. 

Slide Resources

Prezi has an extensive library of resources you can use to give your presentation that extra polish. 

There are plenty of fonts, layouts, color themes, and images to choose from. They also include handy, and intuitive icons that instantly make a point to your audience. With the wide variety of visual aids available, you can get your point across right away, and use your speaking time for the most necessary points. 

Prezi also includes smart layouts, to help you create a more coherent, linear presentation, even if you want to present to multiple groups in a more conversational style. 

A Cool Twist on the Interactive Whiteboard Content 

Encouraging Engagement

New digital whiteboards are quickly becoming a popular tool for presenters ranging from educators to entrepreneurs.

These whiteboard applications are most often facilitated with special software that connects the user’s drawing or writing to their display, whether by using a special stylus or drawing with a finger. 

Prezi software

It creates real time interaction that can be modified as the presentation goes on, making a more personalized experience. You can emphasize important points or terms by underlining them, highlighting them, or drawing in any symbol that you need to make your point. 

Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboard Content

Interactive whiteboard content is no longer used for education only. In fact, it presents several unique advantages when used during a meeting or even a formal presentation. While the digital interactive whiteboard may resemble the physical whiteboards of a classroom, their function within presentations goes much further.


For instance, if a shareholder has questions regarding a specific aspect of a project, and interactive whiteboard allows you to make notations while going through your presentation. These notes can easily be saved and incorporated into the next presentation. 

The whiteboard also allows you to highlight important information to make a point, or address ideas that you want to expand on further. 

You don’t have to use the whiteboard content solely within your presentation; if you want to create more dynamic interaction (having notes on subjects to address post presentation, for example), you can easily connect the digital whiteboard to another device or screen. 

Keeping Ideas for the Future

As we mentioned, using an interactive whiteboard allows you to save your ideas. Not only that, you can export your whiteboard notes into another file, as well as save them to your current presentation if needed. 

It also makes it easy to email the whiteboard notes to yourself, a colleague, or any other relevant party with only a few clicks. You can also print the whiteboard information directly, and save a hard copy of the notes from your presentations. 

Prezi Benefits

Upgrade From Slide Presentations

The typical slide by slide presentations are quickly becoming a worn out way of making your point. Slide presentations were popular years ago, when they were nearly the only option for creating your own presentation. 

As such, the Prezi app has a more dated feel, and make presentations seem more stiff and less engaging. 

The Prezi software has moved away from the slide model of the past; you can create more interactive, engaging presentations that have a better flow. As a result, it’s much easier to tailor your presentation to fit the way you need your story told, and your information presented.

Ease of Use

Even slide presentations can be frustrating to set up, especially if you need a professional, polished appeal. The Prezi interface is straightforward, and it’s designed to make creating a presentation easy, even for beginners. All the features are easy to access, and designed for intuitive use. It won’t take long (if it takes any time at all) to learn to seamlessly use Prezi. 

Prezi features

Design Control

Prezi gives presenters a higher level of control over their design than ever before. From layouts, fonts, and color, to transitions and flow, everything can be customized to your needs. You can zoom in on certain points, or pan across to reach the next point you want to speak about. 

Because Prezi doesn’t require a linear flow like other presentation software, you can alter your presentation to fit what you need at the moment. Of course, there’s an extensive resource library at your hands, so you never need to worry about having your own pro grade photos and fonts to add. 

Dynamic Access

Prezi is a presentation software that actually allows you to collaborate with team members in real time. Anyone with access to edit the presentation can do so, all while others are working on it. Because it works without installation, and everything is cloud based, there’s no need to run to a specific computer to work. 

Prezi Pricing Plans

Prezi offers a variety of pricing plans to fit everyone from individual users to corporations and businesses. Of course, there’s always a 14 day free trial before you purchase it. The Standard Plan is $7 monthly, and allows you to import existing powerpoints, create unlimited presentations, and gives you more privacy. 

The Plus plan is $19 monthly, and includes everything the Standard plan does, but also adds the option of PDF export, offline presentations, and access to a library of icons and images. The highest tier is the Premium plan, at $59 per month. This includes everything from the other plans, as well as training and analytical support. 

Prezi Vs Powerpoint

Familiarity - Many people have learned to use Powerpoint at some point, and it’s frequently used because of familiarity. Though there have been updates, the layout and general functions are the same. In contrast, there is a learning curve with Prezi. Most people take some time to learn to use Prezi, since it’s a new software. When learning, the ‘Zoom’ function can make people dizzy if not used correctly. 

Add-in Options - Powerpoint includes plenty of design options for your presentation, and nearly any aspect of a slide can be customized. You can also add in animated transitions, as well as hyperlinks. Prezi uses a more fluid, open canvas style for presentations. It allows for more versatility, especially when presenting to different groups. With the ‘Zoom’ function, you can zero in on topics.

Availability - Because Powerpoint is installed, you can use it even without an internet connection. You can run presentations, and print out your slides to use as an extra resource. Prezi works via the cloud, and as long as you’re online, you can access all your materials. There’s virtually no need to use computer storage.

Structure and Navigation - Powerpoint is extremely linear, and that can present problems with getting to a specific point. It makes presentations seem more like reading a script than having a conversation. 

Size and License - Powerpoint takes a lot of storage, as do the presentations you create. You have to buy a license for most devices. As Prezi is a cloud based app, you don’t need storage on your device.

Collaboration - It’s easy to use Prezi for group projects; up to 10 people can work simultaneously on the presentation. Conversely, it’s not as easy to collaborate with Powerpoint.

Office work

Prezi vs Sway

Intuitive Resources - Sway is great at getting you information and visuals to use in your presentation. It automatically looks for Creative Commons material.

Refreshed Look - Sway has an updated look on presentation software of the past. It’s easy to create a fresh, aesthetically pleasing presentation. 

Availability - There are plenty of free, or budget friendly options when using sway, especially if you’ve already purchased Microsoft products. 

Presentations - The way Sway is set up, it’s difficult to add in sections, and alter or move them. 10 slides or under is easy, but any longer and it gets tricky. When you use Prezi, you don’t have to go by a script. It’s designed to be more versatile and conversational. Simply zoom and you can change your flow. 

Image Issues - Here’s where navigation and function are somewhat tricky with Sway. While you can upload photos from nearly anywhere, it uploads every time you add it in. Delete a photo, and you have to upload it again, rather than having it in a ‘Recent’ folder. With Prezi, adding your own images or linking to a video is easy. You can also use their resources and templates, customize them, or create your own. 

Use Past Presentations - Prezi makes it easy to switch to their software, or continue Powerpoints. With a few clicks you can import a Powerpoint file and keep working. 

Upgrades - When switching from a free to paid version, it can be difficult to transfer presentations. Within the free versions of Prezi, there are limited layouts and resources included, although others can be purchased. 


While you can add links to your Prezi presentations, it’s more difficult to hide a link (for instance, clicking an image to direct to online resources).



Prezi incorporates animation as part of the presentation in a unique way. You can zoom in and out of nearly any feature to get to the next point of focus. You can use this movement and animation to elaborate points, show examples, and more. 

Always Available Online

The nice thing about Prezi is that you can access it from any device, provided you have internet access. Many other presentation programs are only available on the device they’re installed on. 


Prezi creates impressive presentations, especially because the layout is so much different than slide presentations. This gives you more control over the design, content, and flow of your presentation, while impressing your viewers.  


You can use Prezi even if you have already started creating a Powerpoint presentation. Simply import your slides and keep going. 


Occasionally Distracting

Because Prezi doesn’t use the typical linear, slide by slide format, it can be easy for presenters to lose their train of thought. 

Likewise, it can be easier to lose track of the flow of your presentation if you’re not used to the program. New users should be wary of adding too many animations that distract from content. 

Offline Disadvantages

If you don’t have a steady internet connection, you won’t be able to access your Prezi presentations. It isn’t installed like some programs. At least, the free versions aren’t. Offline access is only through paid Prezi subscriptions. 


Prezi is certainly one of the most innovative presentation programs out there, but it’s important to know how to use it properly. While it’s easy to learn, and fairly effortless, new users should be wary of adding too many features that can distract their audience. However, once you’re familiar with it, it’s a great way to improve your presentations with little effort.