Where Do OBS Recordings Go? | Learn Where Your Videos Are Saved

Some streamers choose to enhance their streaming revenue by making YouTube videos as well, but if you want to do that then you will have to record your gameplay and access those recordings. So, Where Do OBS Recordings Go? I will answer this question and more so that you can quickly get set up and ready to record with all the information you need at your fingertips below.

Where Do OBS Recordings Go?

If you want to start recording with obs you are going to need to know the answer to the question, “Where Do OBS Recordings Go?” OBS recordings generally appear inside of the OBS installation folder, by default. You can check to see what the file path is for your OBS recordings by accessing the obs recording settings. You can find this function at the top of the main OBS window on the left side, just click on the “Settings” button and it should take you to the obs settings for recording. 

Once you are looking at the OBS settings menu, you should go to Broadcast settings, which you can find on the left side of the window. The broadcast settings allow you to change several things regarding your stream and recording, but the primary reason we are in this menu is for the ”Save to file:” function and the “File Path:”, which displays where your recordings are currently being saved. Whatever file path appears in this section is the path you have to go to find your OBS recordings. That should answer the question of, “where do my obs recordings go?”

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How to Save Recordings in OBS

Knowing the streamlabs obs recording location doesn’t help you very much if you don't know how to record your streams in the first place. In order to take advantage of OBS for recording your streams, you will first have to know how to setup obs for recording. This can be done in the same location that you go to find the file path for the recordings. The “Save to file:” function that was mentioned earlier needs to be enabled, and once that is done anything you broadcast from OBS will also be recorded and saved to the previously mentioned file path.

You can also change several settings regarding how those files are saved, the most important of which is determining what kind of files your recordings will become. There are two options you can choose from with OBS, either the .flv file type or the .mp4 file type. Which file type you choose for your recordings will determine what programs can work with the file and what kind of devices they can be viewed from. Just to be safe, you should probably go with .mp4 if you don’t know which file type to choose.

Where Does OBS Save Recordings?

So, to recap, where does obs save recordings? The default location that OBS recordings are saved to is inside of the OBS installation folder, so wherever you installed OBS to is also the place you will find your recordings if you are still wondering, “where do obs recordings go?” 

If you cannot find your recordings inside of the OBS installation folder then your computer may have naturally directed OBS to save its files in your videos folder. You can find this by going to your C: drive -> the Users folder -> the folder with your username -> the videos folder. You can find the OBS recordings by their names, they will be called something to the effect of “OBS Recording (1)” which should make them stand out from other videos you keep in this folder.

That said, the best way to keep yourself from having to ask, “where does streamlabs save recordings?” in the future is to just pick the save location yourself. OBS is capable of saving files in a location that you choose, so you can keep your files neat and organized and will always know where to find what you’re looking for.

How to Change Where OBS Saves Recordings

Nobody wants to have to ask, “where does streamlabs obs save recordings?” all the time, so choosing a file location that you can remember is a good idea. You can change the default file path for your saved recordings in the broadcast settings. When I directed you to look at the “File Path:” option earlier, you might have noticed that there is a “Browse…” button next to the file path. 

By clicking on that button, you will open the Windows File Explorer and you can navigate through all of the folders on your computer. You can choose an existing folder or create a new one to house your future recordings by double-clicking on a folder or selecting it and then clicking on the “Save” button. Once you’ve taken care of this, you should always know where to find obs recordings.

What Can You Do With Saved OBS Recordings?

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There are a lot of different things you can do with your saved OBS recordings. A lot of streamers choose to supplement their streaming income by creating a YouTube channel and using the content from their streams to create new content.

If you are a professional gamer, or you just have an interest in improving your gameplay, you can watch your recordings after you are done playing and observe how you play to determine where you need improvement. This can be an invaluable tool for improving the quality of your play and giving you further insight into your own skills.

You could also just keep the recordings of your streams and archive them for later use. You don’t necessarily need to decide how you are going to use them before you save them, something might come to mind later in your life and you will be glad that you have them.

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