XSplit Broadcaster Review | A Highly Recommended Broadcasting & Streaming Tool

A lot of people are catching on to the new media trend. They want to produce their own broadcasts, making game streams accessible and offering professional looking broadcasts of fashion shows and news. They are all looking through a ton of streaming software reviews looking for the best option!

A lot of them make their way to XSplit reviews. Both the XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster are highly recommended by a ton of people, so you decided to figure out why. This XSplit review article is one of the most comprehensive available and will walk you through everything you need to know. By the end of the review, you will know for sure whether this is the right software for your needs. 

XSplit Review

Let’s take a look at the strengths, weaknesses, and features of XSplit. There’s a reason that it gets a lot of very positive XSplit Broadcast reviews online. It’s a great option! 

Performance and Features

XSplit has a wide range of features. It can handle both 2D and 3D games and media. The tools of this software are very easy to set up. You can also set up scene numbers for broadcasting. 

They have a massive amount of professional features that a single mouse click will open, allowing you to shift among various different inputs or even create sleek graphics. 

The application also plays well with other platforms, so you can get your Twitch Alerts from the software, which vastly improves your experience. You can also turn on alerts for a variety of different things, like donations and followers. Simply use URL and text files and submit them! You can even include a lot of advanced applications! Anything that works with URL and .txt is compatible. 

The platform also includes rag and drop graphics. This means you can find the image you want and drop it straight onto your stream where you want it to land. This will save you tons of time. The imaging software supports pretty much anything, although the highest quality option is PNG. Beginners who want some great software to get their YouTube videos developed and professional will love how easy XSplit is to use. 

You can switch your option to and from local recording as you need to, which makes it very easy to start recording videos that are interactive. Their webcams can also be plugged in and they can easily drop in whatever background they want to use. A lot of professionals use a green screen so they can offer the most breathtaking graphics. 


  • Drag and drop feature makes it extremely easy to use!
  • Plays well with other tools and is easy to integrate and compatible
  • Supports all major file formats


  • Pretty intense for beginners – easy interface but deep learning curve to explore the features available
  • Only compatible with Windows


XSplit itself doesn’t have total customization the way a lot of other programs do, but it does have options. You can easily customize your screen and backdrop and toss in some images. Without buying Premium licensing, you are also pretty limited on audio input. 

They do have custom themes. You can pick from hundreds of gorgeous themes or build your own from the ground up with their fully customizable editor. You can even store the themes you create in the cloud! 

XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster: What’s the Difference?

Gamecaster is very well known in the gaming community. It is one of the simplest pieces of software available but also extremely interactive and offers amazing functions for live recording and streaming. XSplit Broadcaster is amazing, too. It's like a beefed-up version that can handle gaming, but also offers more advanced features for people who use the software to broadcast professionally when it comes to news, fashion, or other related media. 

While Gamecaster was designed to meet all of the needs of professionals, casual gamers, and hardcore players, it was not designed for other types of streamers. Gamers love XSplit’s ability to offer live streams and plenty of control. XSplit Broadcaster works just as well… and then some! It is an extremely advanced system that allows you to develop professional level content from your own home studio for any broadcasting needs. It also handles mixing and video recording. Despite that, it has a very simple interface, which is what made the gamers fall in love in the first place.

Both XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster are made using the same base technology but they were tweaked for specific purposes, so users can more easily get the exact experience they need. Gamecaster allows players to share gameplay with friends while Broadcaster is highly engineered for professionals and advanced users. 

XSplit PC Requirements

XSplit has some recommended minimum system requirements. Remember that when software posts recommended minimum requirements, you should be prepared to have more than that at your disposal. That is the bare minimum required to make the software run at all, not the optimal requirements that will allow it to run well. 

That being said, your MINIMUM software requirements are Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Unfortunately, it does not work for other OS at this time. You also need Internet Explorer version 7. Direct must be 9.0C. Adobe Flash Player IE. It also needs a .NET framework of 3.5.

There are also some minimum hardware requirements. You must have a 2nd generation processor that contains a Core i3 CPU. You need a minimum of 4 gigs of memory. You also need a graphics card that can support 3D acceleration. 

Great Piece of Technology

XSplit is a great piece of technology when you need to produce anything digitally. It's perfect for broadcasting, recording, and streaming. Whether you want to capture and record your gameplay, work from a virtual machine, or broadcast another form of digital media, XSplit can handle the job. 

The software comes with a wide suite of tools that will make it extremely easy to work in this medium. They have keyboard shortcuts for transitions and a video editor built in to make it easy. These will allow you to edit on the fly or fix things in post without needing to manually add every transition or split your segments. It makes your work much faster as a result. 

A word of warning: there will be a bit of a learning curve. For some reason, XSplit no longer has forums, so you won’t be able to get help from the community unless you find somewhere else that hosts an XSplit forum. Their support and documentation can be a bit lackluster. 

Despite this fact, it’s still a very solid software. It makes everything look professional without the stress of having to do too much work or have perfectly honed skills. It saves tons of time and aggravation. 

Easy and Intuitive Workflow

XSplit has a very simple and easy workflow. It is incredibly intuitive and seamless to use. The interface is extremely accessible and you can manipulate your opacity for different media sources for a seamless blend. It uses the same basic principles and elements for basic images and those properties work the same way that static image editing software does. 

Dependable Streaming Software

The software is extremely dependable. You can rely upon the fact that it will have perfect uptime, with plenty of options and settings. You can use it for local recording or for live broadcasting and it won’t need any supplemental services. It simply offers a perfect stream. They even offer regular updates. 

XSplit Broadcaster Pricing Overview

XSplit Broadcaster has a free option and a Premium option. Obviously, the free option also has some limitations compared to the Premium, but let’s take a look.



On the free version of XSplit Broadcaster, users will be allowed to create up to 4 scenes. They are optimized for games, text, HTML, multimedia, cameras, IP cameras, and more. You will receive previews in thumbnails for scenes. They also come with a chroma key and scene transitions. You can have plugins for your source and various extensions and it offers a split mode. The free version does come with a virtual camera, which is more than most free services, but it does contain the XSplit watermark, which may detract from the professionalism. 

You will receive unlimited resolution, but if you exceed 720p they will place an XSplit watermark on your media. You receive 96 kbps of AAC codec before going to mono. You can capture MP4/FLV but if you exceed 30 fps, you get another watermark. 

They do allow you to upload and share your videos with the built in recording manager and offer professional grade encoding for your video thanks to software and hardware. You can integrate your stream with Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming sites, and receive free software updates with professional customer support, though premium users will receive priority support. You are also not allowed to use it commercially. 



With the Premium license, you get all of the features that come with the free version plus a few more. Your number of scenes is no longer locked down at 4; instead, you will receive unlimited scenes. Your virtual camera will no longer contain a watermark. In addition, you will receive a Skype video camera access, and access to features like local streaming, delayed streaming, and audio sources. 

You will also be allowed to broadcast to multiple services simultaneously, allowing you to go live on, for example, Twitch, Tik-Tok, and YouTube at the same time. You will receive a projector and transitions for your sources and a preview editor that allows for a preview of audio mixes. You get unlimited resolution without the watermark and AAC audio codec without the mono limitation. You can capture MP4 and FLV at 240 fps without a watermark, too. Additionally, you receive priority support when you have any problems, you get an express video editor, and you are allowed to use XSplit commercially. 

They offer several reasonably priced options for the XSplit Premium software. A 3-month license will cost $8.32 per month, or $24.95 every 3 months. If you buy the license for a full year of access, then it will cost $5 per month, or $60 each year. A 36-month license costs $149.95, but if you’re paying that muQch then you might as well buy the Lifetime license, which costs $199. You must pay it all at once, but if you use this software regularly it is a massive deal that will pay itself off in less than a year of paying for 3-month licenses and only 3 years at the year-long licensing fee. Considering that it comes with a lifetime of access to the premium service and includes all updates and new XSplit products for life, this is a steal! That allows you to continue receiving new products as XSplit grows and develops with new technology. 

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